Capilix Receives the Frost & Sullivan 2010 European Water Quality Sensors Technology Innovation Award

By Frost Sullivan, PRNE
Sunday, October 31, 2010

LONDON, November 1, 2010 - Frost & Sullivan Award underlines Capilix's Excellence in Technology
Innovation. The 2010 European Water Quality Sensors Technology Innovation
Award therefore is presented to Capilix.


In order to reduce the number of different sensors located in a
measurement probe, water monitoring systems require a unique technology.

"The Capilix microchip capillary electrophoresis technology promises to
reduce the number or variety of sensors applied for measurements," notes
Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Igor Derylo. "It also offers the prospect
of significantly reducing the time needed to get a test outcome by bringing
the laboratory to the sample, rather than bringing the sample to the

Novel approaches towards multi-parameter monitoring have the potential to
open new markets for water quality sensors. The detailed water analysis
enabled by Capilix's technology is applicable in several sectors.

It could be applied to drinking water safety control (such as the
detection of hormones according to EU Water Framework Directive); for waste
water treatment surveillance (nitrogen, phosphate sensing); in greenhouse
irrigation systems (to ensure high quality vegetables) and; in biogas
production (for the control of anaerobic digesters). Industrial segments that
require fluid component analysis include brewing (sulphate monitoring); pulp
and paper (such as carbonate ions for scaling control); food (polyphosphates
in potato processing) and chemical (for instance, metal ions in zeolite

"The ion analysis capability offered by Capilix's technology gives not
only direct detection and quantification results but, combined with sector
specific expert knowledge, enables much more," states Derylo. "For instance,
no additional scaling indicator is required. The Capilix technology could
also be applicable in non-water industries, such as in the medical sector for
medical profiling or drug analysis."

Reliable and capability-rich sensors have significant potential to bring
unique functionality into water assets. Capabilities of the Capilix
technology include detailed ion profiling of fluid content, but are not
limited to this feature.

"It leverages latest technology trends, such as micro-electro-mechanical
systems (MEMS) and lab-on-a-chip integration in order to enable
miniaturization and fully automated measurements," explains Derylo. "As an
operator is not needed, it makes the technology particularly advantageous for
industrial automation purposes and adds new functionality to water

The technology innovation from Capilix could have a significant impact on
the overall practices followed by water-related sectors. So far, water
quality measurements have been made by taking samples to the laboratory for
analysis. Sensing techniques have been used as indicators of potential water
content changes.

"The lab-on-chip approach from Capilix offers fluid content analysis to
be made in the field; it can significantly reduce the time of testing, by
avoiding the need of laboratory analysis of samples," adds Derylo. "This way,
the cost of water quality monitoring also gets reduced, which is of highest
customer value."

The distinguishing factor of the most advanced process industries is that
they can control not only the volume of processed or distributed goods, but
can also specify the quality of the goods. Miniaturized capillary
electrophoresis from Capilix enables detailed and automated water quality
measurements at the rate of ten times per hour or higher, which makes it
close to real-time.

"With such a feedback, entire water-related processes can be controlled
and managed almost in real-time," concludes Derylo." From this perspective,
the Capilix solution acts as an enabling technology for agile enterprises,
allowing them to react rapidly to changing market or production conditions
and ensure effective resource utilization."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to a company that has
demonstrated excellence in the following categories: uniqueness of
technology, impact of new product/applications, impact on functionality,
impact on customer value and relevance of innovation to industry.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety
of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and
superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation,
customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts
compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth
interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify
best practices in the industry.

About Capilix

Capilix - Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis

Capilix is an innovative company situated in Leeuwarden within the EU
water hub of innovative water technologies. Capilix focuses on development
and supply of sensor solutions based on proprietary microchip capillary
electrophoresis technology. Capilix has developed this platform technology
into on-line instruments for use in various industrial environments, mostly
water related.

    Markets & applications:
    Greenhouses           nutrient composition of irrigation water
    Drinking water        ionic composition of drinking water
    Waste water           ionic composition of (municipal) waste water
    Anaerobic treatment   volatile fatty acids and bicarbonate
    Industrial            heavy metals and other specific types of metal ions

    Contact Capilix:
    Evert van de Werfhorst, CEO, E
    Geert Besselink, CTO, E
    Agora 4, 8934 CJ, P.O. Box 7560, 8903 JN, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands,
    T +31(0)58-288-3505, F +31(0)58-280-1329 |

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