Day4 Energy Announces Completion of ACI ecoTec GmbH Acquisition

By Day4 Energy Inc., PRNE
Sunday, October 31, 2010

Acquisition Enables Continued Development and Global Roll-Out of Day4 Energy's Turn-Key Photovoltaic Cell and Module Manufacturing System - Day4 solarSYSTEMS

BURNABY, British Columbia, November 1, 2010 - Day4 Energy Inc. (TSX: DFE), a leading global provider of solar
photovoltaic products and solutions, announces that it has completed its
acquisition of ACI ecoTec GmbH ("ACI") in an all stock transaction of up to
9.18 million common shares. At the completion of the acquisition 5,400,000
common shares of the company were issued at a price of CDN $0.90 per share.
The balance of the common shares may be issued subject to earnout provisions
as set forth in the purchase agreement related to this acquisition.

"This is truly a momentous day for both organizations" noted George
, President of Day4 Energy. "Over the past three years, Day4 Energy has
successfully commercialized its patented Day4 Electrode and Guardian
technologies, and completed the industrial scale-up of its proprietary
manufacturing processes. Today, with a strong track record of superior
in-field performance of our advanced photovoltaic modules, we are well
positioned to evolve our business model towards offering our customers a
turn-key manufacturing system for our Day4 branded solar pv modules"
concluded Mr. Rubin.

With the acquisition of ACI complete, Day4 Energy is uniquely positioned
to significantly alter the traditional approach to manufacturing and
distributing solar photovoltaic cells and modules. ACI, located in South
, develops, builds, and integrates state-of-the art production
automation and process equipment for the photovoltaic industry. Together, the
combination of Day4 Energy's proprietary and patented technologies and ACI's
specialized equipment and manufacturing processes has enabled the roll-out of
Day4 solarSYSTEMS - a turn-key manufacturing system for photovoltaic cells
and modules. To learn more, please go to

Day 4 Energy's manufacturing system offers existing and potential
photovoltaic cell and module producers an opportunity to reduce their
investment and production costs while achieving sustainable differentiation
in the highly competitive solar pv module market. Day4 Energy provides its
manufacturing partners with a comprehensive package of products and services
required to manufacture Day4 Energy branded modules, including the
manufacturing technology, proprietary equipment, process, product design,
training and technology license.

"Our manufacturing partners will be able to differentiate themselves with
a unique product offering, reduce their manufacturing cost base and gain
access to future technology enhancements based on Day4 Energy's
next-generation manufacturing platform," remarked Dr. John MacDonald, CEO and
Chairman of Day4 Energy. "The result is a powerful, innovative approach to
the development, manufacture, sale and distribution of solar pv modules,"
concluded Dr. MacDonald.

"With technological differentiation rapidly emerging as a critical area
for most PV manufacturers, we believe the combination of our state-of-the-art
equipment and Day4 Energy's technology will offer an unbeatable combination
for those organization looking to gain an advantage in the high-growth but
competitive market for pv modules," said Mr. Karl-Heinz Menauer, CEO of ACI.
"Innovation has long been a hallmark of both organizations, with ACI recently
recognized as one of Germany's 100 most innovative small to medium-sized
enterprises," concluded Mr. Menauer.

At the closing of the acquisition, ACI and the vendor of the ACI shares,
DE Solar Holding GmbH ("DE Solar") entered into a long-term relationship
agreement whereby DE Solar and its group members agreed not to sell the
common shares of the company for a period of three years (with the common
shares acquired, being released in three equal installments annually over the
three year period), and on any sale the company has the prior right to
arrange for a purchaser. The DE Solar group is not permitted to sell more
than 2,000,000 common shares of the company in any one year and sales have to
be in a maximum size of 500,000 shares. DE Solar has agreed that it will not
acquire more than 30% of the issued common shares of the company and that it
will not solicit proxies or enter into any transaction to effect control of
the company. The company has agreed to appoint two nominees of DE Solar to
the board of directors of the company. The long-term relationship agreement
terminates when DE Solar and its group members cease to hold 15% of the
company's common shares, subject to the above noted hold periods.

DE Solar also entered into an agreement not to compete with Day4 Energy
and its subsidiaries for a period of three years.

The company will provide additional financial guidance regarding the
positive impacts of this transaction during its third quarter conference call
on Monday, November 15, 2010.

GMP Securities L.P. provided a fairness opinion regarding the acquisition
to the Day4 board of directors.

About Day4 Energy

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Day4 Energy is a leading global
provider of solar photovoltaic products and solutions. Active in the areas of
research & design, manufacturing, technology licensing and all aspects of
project management, Day4 Energy is enabling the growth of solar energy
throughout the world. Day4 is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the
symbol "DFE". For more information, please visit

About ACI ecoTec GmbH

ACI ecoTec GmbH located in South Germany, develops, builds, and
integrates state-of-the-art production automation and process equipment for
the photovoltaic industry. Products include the ecoSol(R) for the production
of Solar Modules; the ecoContact(TM) for contacting of Thin Film Modules and
Cells; the ecoSplit(TM) for raw wet wafer separation, and a leading
market-share process carrier for solar wafers and cells, the ecoCarrier(TM).
In 2010, ACI was recognized as one of the most innovative companies in
Germany by the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.
For more information, please visit

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