CEALogs E.T for Explorers and Travellers is Launched

By Cealogs, PRNE
Sunday, January 30, 2011

LONDON, January 31, 2011 - Electronic logging of expeditions and travels has never been easier; it
has been improved to new levels of reliability, convenience and ease by the
new release of Explorers tracker 1.72 for Symbian-based smart phones.

"Travellers are ranking our app between 4 and 5 stars because they can
record everything about their journey and all they need with them is one
smart phone," says CEO of CEALogs, Vaclav Samsa.

The new version has many new functions for specific users such as Anchor
watch alarm for sailors, mileage book for drivers and Facebook sharing for

Explorers Tracker fully utilises all the functions of a Symbian smart
phone such as GPS, compass, database engine and internet connection. It is
currently in the process of being ported to the iPhone 4, Android and

There is 90-day free trial, which was increased from 30 days so that
users have plenty of time to learn how the app works before they try it out
on their journey.

About CEALogs

London based CEALogs company was founded by a group of travel enthusiasts
whose primary goal was to record and log their own expeditions but finally
after 3 years of hard work they released their secret project (nicknamed E.T)
and made it available to the public as Explorers Tracker. The company takes a
professional approach which is apparent in the amount of testing done and the
close attention paid to important details such as power consumption and the
implementation of different time zones.

More information can be found on www.cealogs.co.uk

Email: sales@cealogs.co.uk


Contact Information: Milada Sal, CEALogs Limited, Phone: +44(0)208-3494772; +44(0)794-6661240

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