.CO Domain Hits 500,000 Registrations Milestone

By .co Internet S.a.s., PRNE
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

.CO Poised to Become World's Fastest Growing Domain Extension

MIAMI, September 15, 2010 - .CO Internet S.A.S. (www.COinternet.co) announced that as of today
it has officially taken registrations for more than a half a million .CO
domain names. Hitting this major milestone less than two months from the
public launch of the .CO extension reinforces the high consumer demand and
global nature of the .CO domain.

As of today, companies, web developers, agencies, entrepreneurs and
individuals from nearly 200 countries around the world have registered .CO
domains. While nearly 37% of current registrations have come from inside of
the United States, the domain is growing in popularity in many other
countries. The top ten countries in terms of .CO registrations are listed

    1.      United States        37%
    2.      United Kingdom       17%
    3.      Colombia             12%
    4.      Australia             4%
    5.      Canada                4%
    6.      Germany               3%
    7.      India                 2%
    8.      China                 2%
    9.      France                2%
    10.     Poland                2%

"In passing the half-million registrations mark so quickly, the Internet
and business communities have voiced their desire for new and better options
in branding their online presence," said Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO
Internet S.A.S. "The strong demand for .CO domains validates our business
strategy and the work we have done to bring .CO to market. We are extremely
pleased with our results to date - and look forward to continued growth in
the coming months and years."

A key factor contributing to the success of the .CO launch has been the
strong distribution network the .CO Registry has formed by partnering with
many of the world's leading registrars and domain resellers, including, among
others, GoDaddy.com, OpenSRS, Network Solutions, eNom, Inc. and 1&1 Internet

"With a global domain launch of this magnitude, the .CO Registry needed a
state-of-the-art back-end registry provider that's been proven to be secure,
reliable and robust," said Tim Switzer, Vice President of Domain Name
Registry Services, Neustar. "We are proud to say that Neustar's global
registry platform provides the technical infrastructure to seamlessly power
the operation of the .CO domain."

Currently, the .CO registry is engaged in settling via auction more than
2,500 .CO domains that had multiple bidders during the pre-launch "Landrush"
period. Some recent notable auction sales include: Mesothelioma.co for
US$76,000; Insure.co for US$60,000; DuiAttorney.co for US$44,500; Slots.co
for US$41,000; Aspen.co for US$22,500; Vehicles.co for US$18,500, Sites.co
for US$15,500 and UsedCars.co for US$14,000, to name a few.

The .CO Registry plans to auction single-letter and other premium domains
in the coming months.

About .CO Internet S.A.S.

.CO Internet S.A.S. is the Registry Operator for the .CO top-level
domain. The .CO domain offers individuals and businesses a truly global,
recognizable and credible option in branding their online presence. Thanks to
leading-edge technology, enhanced security and unprecedented rights
protections for brand owners, the .CO domain is poised to become the world's
next premier web address. For additional information about the .CO Registry,
please visit www.COinternet.co and www.Opportunity.co. You can
also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/COinternet or follow us
on Twitter @dotCO.

About Neustar, Inc.

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR) provides innovative and global services
enabling trusted communication across networks, applications, and
enterprises. Neustar Domain Name Registry Services operates the global
registry for .US and .BIZ as well as back-end registry services for .co, .tel
and .travel, internationalized domain names (IDNs), and full registry
services to New Top Level Domains. For more information, visit
www.neustar.biz and www.neustarregistry.biz.

Eric Sokolsky, +1-908-288-7201, eric at sparkpr.com, or Donna Burke, +1-415-321-1862, donna at sparkpr.com, both of Sparkpr, for .CO Internet S.A.S.; or Lori Anne Wardi, Director of Marketing of .CO Internet S.A.S., +1-917-838-6743, lori at COinternet.co

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