Companies Will be Able to Reach Almost 1 Billion Customers via Smartphone Applications by 2013

By Research2guidance, PRNE
Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worldwide Smartphone Application Download Market Will Reach US$15.65 Billion by 2013, Representing a Significant Revenue Opportunity for Companies

BERLIN, Germany, March 5, 2010 - The worldwide number of consumers using smartphone applications will grow
from 102 Million (2009) to 974 Million in 2013, according to
research2guidance. The new report focuses on the corporate perspective of app
publishing for smartphone devices. Currently, only 10% of Fortune 2000
companies are targeting their customers with a smartphone application.

"Despite the hype around the iPhone and other cutting-edge devices,
corporations are only just beginning to realize that smartphone applications
offer a direct channel to their customers," explains Ralf-Gordon Jahns,
Research Director at research2guidance.

Virtually all of the "first mover" companies selected the Apple App Store
as the publishing platform for their first application. In 2010 with the
increased number of application stores available, any app publisher will have
to carefully select where to promote their applications. "Our App Store
Ranking shows that there are other app stores besides the Apple App Store
that offer good publishing opportunities in 2010," explained Ralf-Gordon
. "Especially independent stores like Handango or Mobihand scored high
in our rankings".

The vast majority of corporate early adopters have published applications
to give access to their core products or for promotional purposes (91%). Only
a minor share (9%) use applications as a stand-alone product. With the market
for app downloads poised to grow from US$1.94 billion in 2009 to US$15.65
in 2013, companies will begin to focus more on application business
models which offer additional revenue opportunities.

"To succeed in the dynamic app market, corporate publishers must leverage
their internal assets to be able to effectively compete against the mass of
specialized developers" Jahns concludes. "These include existing marketing
channels, service platforms and infrastructure that give them a key advantage
over mobile specialists."

Additional information is available in the research2guidance report,
"Global Smartphone Application Report 2010." More information is available on
the research2guidance website at

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