Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0: Barclays Hosts 'Dharma of Capitalism' Ethics Talk by Dow Jones Index Creator

By Platform Press, PRNE
Sunday, October 10, 2010


LONDON, October 11, 2010 - Business leaders around the world are under the gun to demonstrate their
corporate social responsibilities, but they are having a hard time figuring
out how to make it pay. That dilemma is addressed by London-based consultant
Nitesh Gor, co-creator of the Dow Jones Dharma Indexes, in his new book, "The
Dharma of Capitalism", debuting this Wed., 13 Oct., at Barclays Wealth, and
being published in the U.S. next month by Platform Press.

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Gor, CEO of Dharma Consultancy of Northwood, was co-creator of the
Hindu-based Dharma Indexes introduced by Dow Jones in 2008 (since mothballed
by the recession and the recent divestiture by Dow Jones of its index

In his new book, Gor argues that too often corporate leaders answer the
call to "do the right thing" with checklists while under pressure to show an
immediate return on investment. Thus a company will tend to focus on reducing
its carbon footprint because it adds to the bottom line while overlooking a
corporate culture that may be ethically dysfunctional and a much bigger risk.

Gor frames the debate over the future of capitalism as a question of
leadership, culture and redefining the purpose of profit. In his talk at
Barclays, he will lay out a decision-making process that brings together "the
best of Eastern ethics with the best of Western capitalism."

"Doing the right thing is more than going green or giving more to
charity," says Gor. "It's a mindset by which managers approach decisions by
checking their egos at the door, and taking into account how those decisions
will affect all stakeholders, even those beyond the horizon.

"Had Lehman Brothers created that sort of culture, it may well have
survived and still be a Wall Street institution today."

    Barclays Wealth: The Dharma of Capitalism
    A new approach to decision-making for business leaders
    who want to do the right thing and still turn a profit

    Location: Presentation Suite 1, Level 2, 1CP, London
    Date: 13 October 2010
    Time: 5.30pm
    5.30 - 6pm: Drinks and Networking
    6pm - 7pm: Nitesh Gor: The Dharma of Capitalism
    7pm - 8pm: Vegetarian Buffet

    Nitesh Gor: M: +44-7717-742621

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