Corvil Enables Nomura to Achieve Nanosecond Latency Monitoring for Clients

By Corvil, PRNE
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nomura and Corvil Measure Latency of NXT Direct DMA Performance with Billionth of a Second Precision

LONDON and NEW YORK, February 24, 2011 - Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance
trading and market data, today announced that Nomura, the global investment
bank, is using Corvil's Latency Management System to achieve nanosecond
latency reporting for their ultra-low latency, Direct Market Access (DMA)
platform, NXT Direct.

Nomura has been using Corvil technology in its Equities DMA operations to
monitor trade performance and validate latency. Traditionally, this has been
done at millisecond (thousandth of a second) and then microsecond (millionth
of a second) granularity. However, as the performance of Nomura's DMA
platform has improved, microseconds are no longer sufficient to track
performance. Latency across the various processes within NXT Direct is now
best expressed in nanoseconds (billionth of a second).

"Since the launch of NXT Direct, we have been providing ultra-low latency
Direct Market Access services to our clients globally below three
microseconds latency. Now with Corvil technology, we are delighted to be able
to independently verify and monitor this performance at nanosecond
granularity," said Sanjoy Choudhury, Co-Head of Electronic Product
Management, Americas, Nomura Securities International Inc.

Corvil partnered with Nomura to achieve this result using the latest
version of its CorvilNet technology, which measures and reports latencies
with nanosecond resolution in real time. This is an industry leading
initiative that now allows Nomura to monitor nanosecond-level latency for its
DMA clients.

The solution is co-located with all the major US equity trading venues,
and provides per-client, per venue analysis. Nomura can also view latencies
for single orders, acknowledgements, fills and all other order types.

"There has been an insatiable drive by our customers from milliseconds to
microseconds and now to nanoseconds," said Donal O'Sullivan, VP Product
Management, Corvil. "Now with our latest release Corvil customers can detect
if someone inserts a 10m cable instead of a 5m cable by looking at the
latency reports."


Corvil is a provider of Unified Latency Management systems to the world's
leading trading organizations including global banks, exchanges, electronic
market makers and services providers to financial markets. The company was
founded in 2000 and operates from New York, London and Dublin. Customers use
Corvil for precision monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting of performance
for their trading applications and networks. In addition, Corvil's products
are used to demonstrate latency compliance and transparency of services such
as co-location, direct feeds and Direct Market Access (DMA) offered to
trading clients. For more information on Corvil, please visit


Nomura is a leading financial services group and the preeminent
Asian-based investment bank with worldwide reach. Nomura provides a broad
range of innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of
individual, institutional, corporate and government clients through an
international network in over 30 countries. Based in Tokyo and with regional
headquarters in Hong Kong, London, and New York, Nomura employs over 27,000
staff worldwide. Nomura's unique understanding of Asia enables the company to
make a difference for clients through three business divisions: retail,
wholesale (global markets, investment banking, and other wholesale), and
asset management. For further information about Nomura, please visit

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