Cup of Excellence(R) Winners Reap Huge Rewards

By Alliance For Coffee Excellence, PRNE
Sunday, February 6, 2011

MISSOULA, Montana, February 7, 2011 - Spectacular overall results for the 2010 Cup of Excellence auctions
indicate strong international demand continues for competition-winning
coffees. "Even in uncertain economic times, this is a clear sign that
farmer-identified, exceptional coffees with unique flavor profiles are very
much appreciated by coffee connoisseurs," explained Susie Spindler, Executive
Director of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. The average per pound
price for the combined auctions was a record $8.67/lb for green coffee still
at origin - up almost $2.00 from 2009. The first place coffee from each of
the auctions ranged from $22.05/lb for the Honduras winner to $40.09/lb for
the top lot from Colombia. Since the program ensures that the majority of the
auction proceeds go directly to the winning farmer, those who were facing
tough times have described these prices as miraculous. Buyers, on the other
hand, have found that purchasing these rare coffees have given them a
competitive edge in their marketplaces.

About forty-six percent of the winning bidders were Japanese specialty
coffee companies where demand is still on fire. Europeans accounted for
twenty percent and North American roasters for about fifteen. The largest
increase by far came from Australian and South Korean roasters who have
doubled their purchases of Cup of Excellence coffees since 2009 - marking
phenomenal growth in their markets' specialty coffee demand.

Since 1999, the Cup of Excellence has been hosted in Brazil, Nicaragua,
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia and Rwanda
with future expansion planned. Each competition is open to all farmers in a
producing country with no fee attached for the first entry. Each country's
3-week competition process utilized Probat Probatino roasters and the skill
of international cuppers to evaluate and award the top coffees from each

The Cup of Excellence program is managed by the non-profit Alliance for
Coffee Excellence, Inc, which enjoys a membership of global coffee companies
as well as passionate coffee connoisseurs who can now register as Solo
Supporters and receive a small share of this year's award-winning coffee.

The auction and the website are executed in partnership with
CommoditiesOne, a leading software development firm based in Sydney,
. For more information about the Cup of Excellence program or to
become a member log on to

    Susie Spindler
    Executive Director
    Alliance for Coffee
    Excellence, Inc.

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