Damage and Restoration Status Regarding Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and Future Prospects

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TOKYO, March 31, 2011 - Due to the impact of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake that occurred on
March 11, 2011, some of NTT Group's services, including fixed-line and mobile
communication services, remain unavailable, particularly in the Tohoku
region. The entire group is currently devoting its efforts towards
restoration, and we apologize for any inconveniences caused.

After the earthquake, facilities were damaged and commercial power supply
was disrupted at exchange offices, among other things, impacting
approximately 1.5 million circuits for fixed-line services, approximately
6,700 mobile base station equipment, approximately 15,000 circuits for
corporate data communication services and others.

In accordance with its disaster prevention operation plans based on the
Basic Act on Disaster Control Measures, NTT Group established the Disaster
Countermeasures Office and over 10,000 people from NTT group companies across
the nation have been making an all-out effort to restore the damaged
communication facilities and services. Through such efforts as its provision
of the Disaster Emergency Message Dial and the Disaster Message Board
service, deployment of mobile base station vehicles (approximately 30
vehicles) and satellite mobile phones (approximately 870 handsets) and
installation of special public telephones (approximately 2,300 telephones),
NTT Group is making efforts to secure a means of communication for those who
were affected by the earthquake.

As a result of these efforts, more than 90 percent of the affected
exchange offices and mobile base station equipment have been restored and
services are gradually recovering. Going forward, NTT Group is planning to
have its exchange offices and base stations almost completely restored
(except for certain areas where restoration is physically difficult, such as
areas surrounding the nuclear power plant and areas with physically damaged
roads, tunnels, etc.) by the end of April through, among others, renewal of
power supplies and equipment and re-installing relay transmission lines,
repair of relay transmission lines to mobile base stations, and area remedies
for mobile phones using large zone schemes where a single station covers
multiple stations.

With regards to the remaining areas, NTT Group will endeavor to
prioritize the restoration of services in particular areas, such as
municipalities and evacuation shelters, and improve the communication
environment by, among other things, providing even more satellite mobile
phones and other communication means.

Regarding corporate data communication services, approximately 90 percent
have been restored to date. Submarine cables connecting Japan with the United
and other parts of Asia have been partially damaged, but NTT Group has
been using various backup cable routes to maintain uninterrupted services,
and there is currently no impact on its overseas communication services.

To support the affected people of the disaster, NTT Group is, among other
efforts, providing its communication services free of charge, safety
confirmation information of those affected, and company residences as living
space for those impacted by the earthquake. NTT Group is working to gather
donations from its customers and has decided to donate one billion yen. NTT
Group will devote its full strength to support the victims of this disaster
and the recovery of the stricken areas.

The following summarizes the damage done to NTT group companies and the
efforts made towards restoration.

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