Developer Lounge - Bigpoint's Developer Interface Relaunches With Sophisticated New Design

By Bigpoint Gmbh, PRNE
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interface Makes Uploading Self-developed Games Even Simpler

HAMBURG, August 16, 2010 - The 135 million registered Bigpoint users from more than 120 countries
provide a perfect distribution platform for any browser game developers
wishing to professionally release their games. For that reason Bigpoint will
exclusively unveil its redesigned DevLounge (
on August 16th to coincide with the GDC Europe in Cologne. DevLounge is an
interface for integrating external browser games that makes it possible to
upload self-developed games in three simple steps.

Since its launch in May 2009, Bigpoint's DevLounge has undergone a
complete redesign. This includes markedly improved user-friendliness, an
in-house developer wiki, and a new, incredibly comprehensive analysis tool
for developers. The revenue share scheme has also been increased from 30 to
70 percent in favor of developers - just another incentive for using the
interface to upload self-developed games.

The figures speak for themselves: Since its launch in May 2009, DevLounge
has already seen more than 50 games uploaded via the interface - including
top titles such as Runescape. By the end of the year, that figure will have
risen to around 100 games. The latest browser games released via DevLounge
include the strategy and conquest game Venetians, and the fantasy game

"The redesign of DevLounge reflects our wish to give even more talented
game developers the chance to get their games out to a huge gaming community
of more than 135 million users," says Bigpoint's CMO Lothar Eckstein.

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