Bigpoint Corrals Casual Gamers With Ponyrama

By Bigpoint Gmbh, PRNE
Thursday, November 4, 2010

Engaging Equestrian Experience Provides Endless Entertainment

HAMBURG, November 5, 2010 - Beginning next month, pony lovers' dreams come true with the launch of
Bigpoint's new browser game, Ponyrama (
Developed with an original and lighthearted art style, Ponyrama players set
out build the most prestigious and successful stable. Casual gaming fans can
customize and care for their own ponies, build-up their own stables, and
compete in traditional equestrian contests to become the best stable manager
on the Internet.

Your pony is only a click away

In Bigpoint's first two casual games, Farmerama and Zoomumba, players
create and look after their own farms and zoos. In Ponyrama, players are
challenged to build and manage their own stable of ponies. To begin the game,
players choose their very own pony from a wide selection and begin raising
it. They then expand their stables by adding stalls, paddocks, and dozens of

Show off your stable through friendly competitions

Throughout the game, players can compete against other players in
friendly, western-style competitions, such as racing, jumping, and dressage.
But riders must be careful when competing for prizes as horses may become
tired or even injured. If needed, players can call the local veterinarian to
look after their pampered equines in their very own veterinary facilities.

Bigpoint's Ponyrama will be available online in early December 2010 and
is free to play in all browsers.

To play visit:


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