Discover How a Good Loss Assessor Can Save You Thousands

By Truman Associates, PRNE
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LONDON, November 2, 2011 -

Loss assessors are there to help you when times are bad; fighting on your side when you have suffered a big loss that results in an insurance claim. We all hope that we will never have to use their services, but when you really need an insurance professional to work for you, they’re there for you.

Recognised as one of the best loss assessors in the business, Ray Truman is the proprietor of Truman Associates. For him, it’s not just about reading the small print, it’s about knowing the insurance industry inside-out and what is the basis for a solid claim. Here is your chance to read some of their Case Studies - they are sure to be a real eye-opener!

Snow Damage Claim

Take the case of an events company that was forced to close over Christmas and New Year; they had difficulty putting in the insurance claim themselves due to the wording of their policy. With the help of Truman Associates, they eventually put in a successful claim for £115,000.

The MD has nothing but praise for Truman Associates Loss Assessors: “This time I needed some extra help in my corner and you both came through.” Read the full story of how insurance loss assessors helped them claim here on their website:

Cannabis Factory Claim

Or the landlord who had to deal with the damage of a cannabis farm in their property; was it malicious damage, or just the tenant running a business? There was clearly a difference of opinion, and the insurers tried to avoid paying. The eventual settlement was £49,000.

In the words of the landlord: “my insurers were supposed to be specialists in insuring landlords like me,” but they tried to “hide behind small print to reject my claim.” The full story of this successful insurance claim is here: .

Contact Loss Assessors

So when disaster strikes and you have suffered damage to your home or business, it could be time to call in Truman Associates loss assessors. It could save your thousands, and will cost you nothing to call them on 0800 542


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