New Starbucks Logo: What Would You Do?

By Designcontest, PRNE
Tuesday, January 18, 2011, A Popular Design Crowdsourcing Site, Launches Their Latest Community Contest That Challenges Designers To Create A Better Starbucks Logo

MARINA DEL REY, California, January 19, 2011 - With news of the Starbucks Coffee 40th Anniversary logo redesign making
headlines around the world, top graphic design crowdsourcing website, asks its designers, "Could you do it better?" On
Tuesday, the site launched their latest Community Contest, challenging
designers to create a better logo redesign for Starbucks. According to administration, "This is a fun contest that any designer
can participate in. Most designers have an opinion about the new Starbucks
logo and this is their chance to show us what they would have designed

(Logo:, a graphic design crowdsourcing website, connects
businesses in need of a design with experienced and talented graphic
designers around the world. When a business owner hosts a contest on the
site, they have access to thousands of pre-qualified designers. explains, "If you hire a single designer for your project,
you'll be lucky to get 4 or 5 unique concepts to choose from. But, when you
host a design contest, you'll get hundreds!" In addition to hosting design
contests, the site features a discussion forum, tutorials, latest news and
headlines related to design, and fun community contests for designers to
build their portfolio and practice their skill, making it a prime resource
for designers and business owners alike.

According to DesignContest, "News of the Starbucks logo redesign is hot
right now and our designers are chomping at the bit to show what they would
have done differently." The Starbucks logo redesign contest is in no way
affiliated with Starbucks Coffee Company, but admits, "If
Starbucks is interested in any of the work our designers create, we'd love to
connect them with the designer!"

The Starbucks logo redesign Community Contest will run for 2 weeks, after
which members of the site will vote for their favorites. The top three
winning designers will be awarded $300, $150, and $75, respectively, paid by

To become a member, enter contests, or to start a logo design, website
design or any other graphic design contest of your own, visit or call 1-888-906-1888.

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