DLD11 Connects Arts, Technology, Urbanism and Sustainability

By Hubert Burda Media, PRNE
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly, Paulo Coelho, Hubert Burda and David Gelernter, Olafur Eliasson, and Elizabeth Diller are Among the Speakers of the Conference

MUNICH, January 19, 2011 - DLD conflates technical innovation, the internet, culture and economics.
The "DLD Culture & Arts Super-Session" that will take place on January 24th,
from 5.30 pm to 9.00pm at the HVB Forum combines all of these factors.

Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery London, in association with the
Institute for the 21st Century), will present two interdisciplinary
conversation panels "Ever Clouds" and "Solair Solar". Initiated by the
artists Olafur Eliasson und Tino Sehgal, along with Stewart Brand (Long Now
Foundation), green energy-specialist Bill Gross (idealab) will report on the
latest developments in solar engineering. Frederik Ottesen and Bertrand
will demonstrate that flying with sun power is no longer a dream but
a concrete reality.

The second panel, "Ever Clouds" bridges the gap between cloud computing,
one of the biggest digital trends today, climate engineering, urbanism and
arts. Huge amounts of data can be sent to rented, virtual storage areas and
accessed from all over the world. The importance of this matter will be
explained by Amazon-CTO Werner Vogels, poet Hans Magnus Enzensberger,
Elizabeth Diller (Diller Scofido) and other specialists in this field.

Another fascinating characteristic of our time is the "Iconic Turn".
Digitalization has changed the world at a breathtaking pace. Not only
information but also pictures are spread all over the world, having altered
our perception. Entrepreneur and art historian Dr. Hubert Burda who wrote a
book on this very matter will discuss "The Digital Wunderkammer" with
computer scientist David Gelernter (Yale University).

Especially commissioned for DLD ARTS, British artist Cerith Wyn Evans
produced "CWELED4DLD" (2011), a series of multi-coloured, inconsistently
programmed LED badges with short messages commenting on Twitter's logic to
continually force us to update our reality with 140 characters. Further, the
artwork by Rauroaw, Rafael Rozendaal, Carlo Rati, Luca Pozzi, Angelo Plessas,
Tomas Saraceno and Casey Reas will be on view during DLD.

Urbanism and how cities will look like in the future will be discussed in
"Responsive Cities" , with MIT's SenSEABLE City Lab addressing, how real time
data and mobile city concepts increasingly merge. With "Science/Fiction
Urbanism", architect Bjarke Ingels (Big) introduces utopian city scenarios.
Finally, extraordinary designers like Claude Zellweger (One & Co/HTC) and
Albert Suhm (Microsoft Design Team) will participate and share their
opinions, thoughts and experiences.

Please find details about the program and the speakers here:

About DLD:

DLD11's claim "Update Your Reality" refers to the impact of digital
technology on society, economies, and all individuals. Being digital is no
longer a vision but a complex reality factor. In this context, the term
"update" is an important behavioural pattern. Thinkers, artists, scientists,
designers, and authors set the Iconic turn, values in the 21st century, the
arts & design, solar energy solutions, sustainability in travel and

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