DPC Integrates .tel Into Services and Adopts Internally

By Telnic Limited, PRNE
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LONDON, February 2, 2011 - Telnic Limited (telnic.tel), the Registry Operator for
the .tel top level domain (TLD), today announced that Directories Philippines
Corporation (DPC - www.dpc.ph), the leading provider of directory
services in the Philippines, will begin providing .tel domains to its
customers as part of its advertising services packages.

Since 1989, when it was incorporated, DPC has emerged as the
dominant market leader in the directories advertising industry in the
today and is the leading provider of Yellow Pages advertising. As
of 2010, it publishes 28 directories and provides innovative solutions
utilizing social media platforms, including the innovative lifestyle guide
juice.ph. DPC will provide its customers and employees with .tel
domains, providing a mobile-optimized point of contact and an integrated
communications 'hub' to showcase its customers social media investments.

Ricardo Bautista, President of DPC, said: "DPC is working
towards creating a newly relevant and compelling commercial search experience
that can capture the imagination even of non-traditional Yellow Pages users
and advertisers. As such, we see .tel as a strategic fit in delivering what I
call "YP 2.0", the next generation of yellow page services."

Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic, said: "DPC is one of the
leaders of the industry when it comes to delivering innovation within the
directory services industry. We are delighted that they have seen the value
of .tel in bringing easier discoverability, real-time information and
appropriately formatted information to any device connected to the internet."

As part of the roll out, all DPC staff will also be provided
with a .tel name of their own. Domingo Angelo B. Lopez, Vice President for
New Media Services at DPC, added: "As a company, DPC believes in disruptive
innovation. As such, we will be practicing what we preach by providing all
DPC staff with their own .tel names so that they can benefit from the
simplicity that it brings in sharing all of their contact information in one
simple-to-remember address."

About DPC: www.dpc.ph/dpc_internet.htm

About Telnic: about.telnic.tel

Media Contact: Justin Hayward, Telnic Limited justin.tel

Media Contact: Justin Hayward, Telnic Limited justin.tel

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