WebVisible Incorporates .tel Into Small Business Advertising Package for Mobile Optimization and Discoverability

By Telnic Limited, PRNE
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LONDON, December 9, 2010 - Telnic Limited (telnic.tel), the Registry Operator for
the award-winning communications-focused .tel top level domain (TLD), today
announced that WebVisible (webvisible.com), the leading provider of
local online marketing software and services, will now provide .tel domains
for all of its small business customers.

WebVisible's small business customers will now also be
provided with a .tel domain, providing a mobile-optimized presence for
customers searching for local content on both basic mobile and smart phone
devices, as well as additional search engine optimization support for the
customer's online discoverability through the .tel domain's unique use as a
single point of contact.

"With increasing competition for eyeballs online and the need
for small businesses to be in as many places as possible in order to be
discovered, we believe that .tel will be a significant enhancement for our
clients when it comes to the multiple ways in which consumers are accessing
local information," said Doug LaBahn, executive vice president of product
development at WebVisible. "The functionality and ease of use of .tel makes
it an incredibly useful and low-cost central point of contact."

Ian Bowen-Morris, chief marketing officer at Telnic Limited,
said: "We're delighted that WebVisible has seen the benefits that .tel
domains can bring to small businesses seeking to maximize their brand
awareness and discoverability online. A .tel is extremely simple to set-up
and provides instant accessibility across all types of browsers and
internet-connected devices. Incorporating .tel into an online visibility and
marketing offering such as WebVisible's award-winning solution provides its
customers with the knowledge that every base has been covered when it comes
to managing their online presence."

About Telnic Limited

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About WebVisible, Inc.

WebVisible has been the leading provider of local online
marketing software and services since 2001. WebVisible was among the first to
pioneer the use of search as a reliable, measurable avenue to connect
directly with a buyer's needs, providing solutions through some of the
world's largest Interactive Yellow Page companies, directories and other
media vendors. The company has served over 100,000 customers from 4,000
industries in 14 countries. The company also delivers solutions directly to
small businesses throughout the United States. WebVisible is based in Irvine,
, with offices in Los Angeles, Charlotte and Mumbai.

Media Contact: Justin Hayward justin.tel

Media Contact: Justin Hayward justin.tel

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