Dust-Off(R) Leads the Way in Environmental Safety with European Launch of Newly-Formulated Duster

By Falcon Safety Products Uk Limited, PRNE
Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Duster to Feature Lowest Possible Global Warming Potential

STAFFORD, England, November 29, 2010 - Falcon Safety Products, manufacturer of the Dust-Off(R) brand of consumer
electronics cleaning products, proudly announces the launch of the world's
first duster to utilize a newly-formulated non-flammable, ultra-low Global
Warming Potential (GWP) aerosol propellant. Falcon Safety Products is the
first duster manufacturer to utilize this revolutionary new propellant, a
move that is in keeping with the company's long history of proactively
working to minimize the environmental impact of its products and promote
sustainability. The product will be introduced throughout Europe during the
first quarter of 2011, and distributed out of Falcon's facilities in the UK
and Germany.

"We are very proud to offer retailers and consumers the first ever duster
to feature such a negligible impact on global warming," said Andrew Steinman,
executive vice president of sales, marketing and strategic development for
Falcon Safety Products. "Dust-Off products have historically set the bar in
terms of quality, reliability and sustainability. The ultra-low GWP duster
certainly represents a continuation of that trend."

"Environmental responsibility has always been one of our core brand
values," said Michael Genner, director of sales and marketing, Europe for
Falcon Safety Products. "With the ultra-low GWP duster, we remain true to
those values and continue the tradition of providing safe, sustainable
products that consumers can trust. We are excited to offer the European
market a high quality compressed-gas duster that is also safe for the

Dust-Off will expand its product range and continue to lead the industry
in promoting sustainability with the launch of its new ultra-low GWP duster,
which has a 99.5 percent lower GWP than other non-flammable dusters on the
market. (GWP is the measure used to quantify the level at which a given mass
of greenhouse gas contributes to global warming.) Dust-Off's new launch
obviously represents a substantial improvement in terms of safety and
environmental impact.

In the 1980s, Dust-Off was the first brand of compressed-gas dusters to
introduce a non-ozone-depleting formula, paving the way for environmental
safety. In 1994, Dust-Off became the first to proactively switch to a new
propellant with a GWP more than 90 percent lower than the standard. Prior to
that move, the industry utilized the higher GWP propellant exclusively in
duster products. In an effort to keep pace with the market leader, however,
many of Dust-Off's competitors have since switched to the lower GWP
propellant in their cleaning dusters. Falcon Safety Products takes great
pride in setting the standard for environmental and product safety in the

With its new offering, Dust-Off provides consumers across Europe with
access to the highest quality and most environmentally-sound choice for
electronics cleaning. While the new propellant is more complex and costly to
manufacture, and will be available in limited quantities, it will satisfy the
demand of a significant and growing segment of the consumer market that is
willing to pay a premium for products that contribute to greater
environmental sustainability. Dust-Off anticipates a lower cost and greater
availability in the future.

Dust-Off's ultra-low GWP duster will be available in 225 ml size
throughout Europe in the first quarter of 2011.

About Dust-Off(R)

Manufactured by Falcon Safety Products Inc., a world leader in
compressed-gas technology, Dust-Off offers the most comprehensive line of
dust removing and preventive maintenance products for consumer electronics
and home or office equipment. Dust-Off compressed-gas dusters are one of the
most versatile cleaning accessories available to consumers today and have
long been a staple for the care and maintenance of computers and other
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