Your Sun Your Energy: Raising Awareness of the Power of the Sun

By Your Sun Your Energy, PRNE
Sunday, November 28, 2010

BRUSSELS, November 29, 2010 - A unique and exciting campaign on the benefits of solar photovoltaic
electricity Your Sun Your Energy has just been launched. Promoting the
advantages of photovoltaics and demonstrating what the virtually infinite
power of the sun can offer, this wide-spanning campaign endeavours to
illustrate how people can, through their daily activities, brighten their
life thanks to photovoltaics.

Inspired by the massive growth photovoltaic energy has
experienced across Europe in the last two decades, this campaign hopes to
help both current and future generations maximise the potential of this
clean, carbon-free energy source. With objective information on how
photovoltaic technology can harness the power of the sun, the aim is to
actively promote the benefits of photovoltaics, educate those who are not
familiar with its applications, as well as provide accurate and up-to-date
materials on an on-going basis.

A central element of the campaign is a cutting edge website
launched on 27th November 2010. The website
acts as a one-stop-shop and online platform where users can find extensive
information on how photovoltaic solar electricity can improve everyone's
lives. A unique feature of the website is how its design automatically adapts
according to the user's geographical location. In addition, the user can
learn how photovoltaics can help to save money when added to homes, increase
energy independence in business and be integrated everywhere in cities, all
whilst helping the environment. In the near future, several exciting features
will be developed with, amongst them, an online community where people can
learn from each other by sharing information, photos and videos relating to

Your Sun Your Energy wants to reach out and inspire everyone
to join the solar revolution and show how the sun can contribute to our
everyday lives.

Visit and make Your Sun, Your Energy!

Media contact: Sophie Lenoir, info[at], +32(0)2-645-79-90

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