High Definition Capabilities on Mobile Phones are Becoming More Important to Consumers

By Sony Ericsson, PRNE
Sunday, November 28, 2010

LONDON, November 29, 2010 - With high definition now standard on most new video viewing devices as
well as internet platforms, having the same HD capabilities on recording
equipment is becoming essential and, in particular, is becoming increasingly
important to media phone (
users so they can create videos of the highest quality.

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HD laptops, computers and televisions are no longer being manufactured
for a niche market and with YouTube's move towards supporting HD, watching
videos of a much higher resolution is now a mainstream practice.
Corresponding with the shift of viewing methods to HD, the use of mobile
phones for recording videos has increased dramatically over the past year. A
survey from Pew Internet found that 34% of mobile phone consumers now use
their handsets for recording videos, compared to just 19% in the same survey
undertaken in 2009.

In the results from a new question for 2010, 20% of people said they used
their phone to watch videos. Whilst this percentage cannot be compared to the
previous year's usage, it illustrates a probable upward trend because the
question was not deemed important enough to ask in 2009. Other findings show
that 76% of people use the camera on their phones for taking still shots,
which is a 4% more popular function that MMS text messages. Many mobile users
no longer want their handsets for just telephoning and texting, they are
looking for multi-purpose devices that meet all their social networking and
media needs and an increasing number of people specifically aim to own a HD
video phone (

Ben Padley, Sony Ericsson's Head of Digital and CRM, commented: "A
touchscreen phone (
with high definition capabilities, such as the Sony Ericsson Vivaz or
Vivaz pro, not only has elevated status in terms of it employing the latest
technologies but it also has added appeal for all the right practical
reasons. Year on year more people are using their handsets to view and create
videos. Platforms like YouTube are hugely popular with videos recorded on
mobiles, with twenty-four hours of film being uploaded every single minute.

"Alongside the continued boom of consumers purchasing HD ready viewing
devices, like laptops and televisions, it is becoming increasingly important
to phone users for all the technology they use to have synchronised

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