Eco-Schools Offers Free Power for Schools

By Keep Britian Tidy, PRNE
Saturday, May 21, 2011

LONDON, May 23, 2011 -

- New Scheme Offers Free Solar Power and Education Opportunity to Every
School in England

Today, Keep Britain Tidy's Eco-Schools programme,
England's leading sustainable schools programme, is launching an ambitious
scheme that gives every school in England the chance to cut their carbon
footprint and save money at no cost to themselves.

The Eco-Schools Solar programme could enable each
school to save an estimated 25 tonnes of carbon every year, reduce their
energy bill by an average of 13.5% and save themselves up to GBP5,000 per

Together, the schools would be able to make a
significant contribution to the government's ambitious carbon reduction
targets. If all 15,400 Eco-Schools in England took part in the scheme it
could save up to 385,000 tonnes of carbon per year.

Keep Britain Tidy's Eco-Schools manager Andrew Suter
said: 'This is a fantastic opportunity for schools to reap the benefits of
solar power and significantly reduce their energy bills and their carbon
footprint at the same time.

'This blue-ribbon initiative offers schools an
opportunity to gain in so many ways. It is the most significant scheme we
have ever launched.'

Coupled with energy good practice, as supported by
Eco-Schools, the savings resulting from Eco-Schools Solar programme could
reach an impressive 30% reduction in a school's carbon footprint.

As well as free solar power, Eco-Schools will be
rolling out an education support pack in September providing teaching
resources and learning opportunities focused on the use of renewables,
environmental resources and the value of developing green technologies.

Eco-Schools Solar programme is a one-stop solution to
sourcing sustainable power to meet schools' energy requirements and will
enable them to make a saving on outgoings at the same time.

The scheme means that schools can have solar panels
installed, maintained and decommissioned at no cost to either the school or
the local authority.

In addition, the electricity generated is made
available for the schools' use without charge and there is an annual income
for the schools from renting out rooftop sites, funded from the surplus power
sold to a utility arranged by the Eco-Schools Solar programme.

Secretary of State for the Environment Caroline Spelman MP said: 'This
programme links efforts to teach our children about the importance of
preserving biodiversity, improving local environments and dealing with
climate change with the practical action of using renewable energy.

'Not only will installing solar panels help with tackling climate change,
they also make financial sense for the schools that use them.'

The Eco-Schools Solar programme is being managed by Winch Energy, a
leading solar PV development group, which also arranges funding for solar
projects with leading investors and banks in the renewables and sustainable
energy sector. The Eco-Schools Solar programme has been designed so that
participating schools will not have to look to their own resources to enjoy
the benefits of solar power.

Winch Energy's Executive Chairman Nick Wrigley said: 'Our new partnership
with Keep Britain Tidy's Eco-Schools underscores the synergies that exist
between the public sector and private enterprise in helping to deliver on the
UK's energy and carbon reduction programmes. The programme aims to fund as
many solar arrays for as many schools as possible over the next three years.'

The Eco-Schools Solar programme is supported by the Ampere Equity Fund
which is managed by Triodos Bank, one of the world's most ethical banks and
the market leader in sustainable banking with more than 30 years' commitment
to the renewable energy sector.

Joris Van Der Geest, Chief Investment Officer for the Ampere Equity Fund
said: 'Eco-Schools Solar is supported by Triodos Bank's Ampere Equity Fund.
Ampere is a renewable energy fund backed by pension funds having an interest
in solar investment for the long-term.'

Schools can register for the scheme from today and
have until July 31, 2011, to submit applications on a first-come,
first-served basis.

Notes To Editors

In addition to the benefits of free solar, schools
participating in the scheme also get

- A free Display Energy Certificate (DEC) for five years, which
can normally cost a school up to GBP3000

- A display system showing staff and pupils the power generated and
carbon saved

- An opportunity to enhance their profile with Ofsted by having a
learner-centred development strategy and implementation plan based around
solar panels

- An opportunity to link solar power with learning opportunities as
part of a school's Eco-Schools award

- An opportunity to qualify for a Department of Energy and Climate
Change (DECC) Energy Award by achieving reductions in carbon emissions
above ten per cent.

Keep Britain Tidy is the anti-litter charity for England. We
are passionate about cleaner greener places and run Eco-Schools, Green Flag
Award for parks (in partnership with BTVC and GreenSpace), and Blue
Flag/Quality Coast Awards for beaches. TV star Kirstie Allsopp is our
ambassador. To find out more about us and to become a supporter visit

The Eco-Schools programme was founded in 1994 by the Foundation for
Environmental Education (FEE) a non-governmental and non-profit organisation
aiming to promote sustainable development through environmental education.
Any school in England can join the Eco-Schools programme and it is free. Keep
Britain Tidy runs the programme in England, which has the most Eco-Schools in
the world. More than 15,000 schools are involved with the programme.

The Winch Energy Group is a privately owned group of companies, which
develops solar PV projects in key countries, including the UK, France, Italy
and North Africa. Winch develops its own projects, acquires third-party, near
term projects, procures the funding for the construction of projects and
manages such projects once in operation, while maintaining a long-term
ownership interest. The Group currently has more than 25 MW in
construction/operation and more than 250 MW of projects under development.

Ampere Equity Fund, managed by Triodos Investment Management invests in
renewable energy projects in Western Europe, with amounts in the range of EUR
10-50 million
equity per investment. The fund focuses on investments in
energy producing assets applying proven technology, such as onshore wind,
offshore wind, solar PV, concentrated solar power and biomass power plants,
providing stable and predictable long-term returns for its investors. The
Fund has attracted major Dutch institutional investors with a total committed
capital of EUR 320 million. Triodos Investment Management is a subsidiary of
Triodos Bank with more than 25 years' experience in renewable energy

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