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By Emailvision, PRNE
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AMSTERDAM, February 18, 2010 - Mobile marketing, social media integration and strategic
campaign planning will encourage increased investment in email and online
marketing during the next twelve months, according to Emailvision, Europe's
largest email service provider.

Figures published by MarketingSherpa in 2009 showed that more
than one-third of companies increased spending on email. 2009 was also
another year of strong growth for retention-based email marketing despite the
onset of a global recession, which forced businesses to aggressively cut
spending on marketing activity.

Below, Jacques Prothon, Country Manager Netherlands at
Emailvision, selects the three key trends over the next twelve months, which
are set to make a significant impact on email marketing.

Email marketing and social media will feed off one another

Integrating social media into email marketing allows a brand
to boost the performance of both mediums. Bringing the two channels together
is critical when growing mailing lists organically, as recipients spread the
content virally, encouraging others to opt-in and receive future mailings.

Adoption of mobile marketing is set to rise significantly

Customers are increasingly relying on mobile devices for
communication and messaging, therefore mobile marketing is a natural
extension when building a multichannel engagement strategy. Mobile marketing
can be broken down in two segments, smartphones and SMS.

    - Email for smartphones - messages for these devices should be
      optimised prior to sending, as the devices typically don't support
      Flash animation and network speeds vary

    - SMS - Combining campaign management for email and SMS can
      enable brands to manage customers more effectively. For example, you
      can send an SMS offer to a customer based on an email they've opened to
      increase the chance of it resulting in a sale

The emphasis should be on strategic campaign planning

Strategically planning email campaigns ensure brands
capitalise on every opportunity. Too many campaigns irritate customers, while
too few won't keep a customer engaged. Putting in place a strategic plan will
help brands to align and integrate email campaigns with all marketing
activity, ensuring they are effective.

"It is important for marketers to stay ahead of the curve in
terms of consumer attitudes and the channels they choose to use when engaging
with brands," said Jacques Prothon, Country Manager Netherlands at
Emailvision. "The first step is to put in place a marketing plan that is
fresh and relevant, factoring in the evolving needs of customers. Email will
continue to be the king of measurable ROI in 2010 and will be the glue that
binds all marketing activity."

Emailvision has published a new White Paper outlining its top
ten trends for email marketing in 2010. You can download a copy of the full
paper by clicking here:

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About Emailvision (

Founded in 1999, Emailvision has grown to become the global market leader
in software as a service for email marketing. The Emailvision mission is to
provide excellence in software & service for our clients to reach their email
marketing goals.

The Emailvision software service, Campaign Commander(TM), has become the
industry standard email marketing tool for eCommerce and publishing.
Emailvision has over 4500 users worldwide.

Campaign Commander(TM) is used by marketers worldwide to plan, design,
deliver and analyze their email marketing campaigns. This software service
allows marketers to execute advanced tactics with minimal technical skills.

In 2009, Emailvision delivered over 24 Billion messages on behalf of 2000
clients and achieved a record 96.5% delivery rate. This quality of service is
driven by over 10 years of research and development in global email delivery
and deliverability.

In addition to its pioneering technology platform, Emailvision offers a
global network of support and professional services. Passionate account
managers provide clients with best practice advice, training and professional

The company has a growing staff of over 240 and offices in the major
international markets including the USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland,
Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain and Italy. Emailvision is listed on
the NYSE Alternext stock exchange.

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    Jacques Prothon, Country Manager Netherlands, Emailvision

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