English Language Programme for Life in the UK Test

By Click4esol, PRNE
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DUBLIN, November 4, 2010 - In response to the 263,641 people who failed the British citizenship test
in 2009, a new English language programme, that equips people with the
language skills to pass the test, has officially been launched by Click4ESOL.
Home Office figures indicate that Afghan, Iraqi, Bangladeshi and Turkish
communities, with pass rates of below 50%, contribute significantly to the
29.1% failure rate. This negatively impacts on many who want to permanently
settle in the UK or achieve full British citizenship.

This programme specifically addresses the language needs of different
community groups. Click4ESOL has gone to great lengths to ensure that ESOL
learners succeed in the UK. Joanna Norton, Founder and CEO said, "We have
spent time understanding the learning needs of ESOL students, from teaching
ESOL citizenship in UK classrooms and by travelling to the countries our new
citizens are from, to understand their cultures and traditions. This has
helped us to create a programme so people can achieve their ambition of
living and participating fully in the UK".

This programme, suitable for beginners, will help prepare people for life
in the UK. Oya Karabetca, an ESOL citizenship tutor at CoHENEL College in
North London said, "Many people fail the British citizenship test because
they lack the relevant language skills. Click4ESOL has put these needs first.
As a Turkish speaker, I know it will benefit many from my community." The
programme is also suitable for those who plan to come and live in the UK, but
need to learn English before arriving.

For a sign-up fee of just GBP25 (EUR30), users can access over 2,000
activities and 1,800 audio files. Feedback is provided after each activity.
The programme can be completed in 6 months, and users can then move onto the
next level, (available in 2011). Email enquiries@click4esol.com for more
information, or call Joanna Norton on +44(0)78-6339-7082 to learn more about
our service.

Click4ESOL is a learning programme that puts the learner first. We are
committed to helping ESOL learners succeed in the UK, by equipping them with
tools they require to integrate and become full UK citizens. "The high
numbers failing the test is unacceptable. We hope this language programme
will help reverse this trend to ensure that everyone who comes to the UK can
achieve their full potential," Joanna Norton, CEO & Founder.

Email enquiries at click4esol.com for more information, or call Joanna Norton on +44(0)78-6339-7082 to learn more about our service.

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