China Meets Europe at the "Hamburg Summit" Business Event

By Hamburg Marketing Gmbh, PRNE
Sunday, November 21, 2010

HAMBURG, November 23, 2010 - The "Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe" is a top-level, biennial
business-event initiated by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, fostering
Sino-Europe relations - an inspiring forum where international leaders meet
to discuss topics of mutual interest. The 4th "Hamburg Summit" will be held
ceremoniously in Hamburg, Germany on November 25 and 26.

After its premiere in 2004, the "Hamburg Summit" gained immediate
recognition as the leading platform for corporate and political leaders to
improve relations between China and Europe. The event has always been
honoured by the presence of high-ranking representatives of the government of
the People's Republic of China, starting with the former Deputy Prime
Minister Zeng Peiyan in 2004, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao (2006) and Deputy
Prime Minister Zhang Dejiang (2008).

Through 6 years' mutual efforts of China and Germany, the "Hamburg
Summit" has been gradually transformed into an important exchange-platform
for the governments and business worlds of the two countries. In recent
years, the exchange and contact between China and Germany have been
increasing rapidly and the field of economic cooperation has been expanding

Under the background of the globalized economy nowadays, the People's
Republic of China
and the European Union have been moving together even
closer. As seen during the global financial and economic crisis, partnerships
are essential not only to foster business relations, but also to overcome
global challenges. Thus, the "Hamburg Summit" offers a fair platform to
discuss economic issues regarding China and Europe and therefore foster the
necessary dialogue for a strong and reliable partnership. The "Hamburg
Summit" provides a perfect forum, where ideas and first-hand information
delivered by economical and political decision makers are exchanged. This
mixture of business and political leaders offers a unique atmosphere to
deepen the mutual relations on a high-ranking level. This year's main topics
will be: international trade and economic restructuring, green economy and
low-carbon economy, which command common interest and would certainly and
effectively advance dialogues and mutual understanding between China and
Europe (


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