Environmentally Friendly Batteries With Honours: Johnson Controls is Given Volkswagen Group Award 2010 for Sustainable Energy Storage System

By Johnson Controls Power Solutions Emea, PRNE
Monday, June 28, 2010

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HANOVER, Germany, June 29, 2010 - How can emissions and fuel consumption be reduced? Those are core
questions driving car manufacturers and suppliers in their developments
today. The focus is not only on the long-term objective of the electric car
but also the short-term objective aimed at optimisation of Start-Stop
vehicles. As today's market leader in Start-Stop technology, Johnson Controls
has worked with Volkswagen to develop a unique new battery for Start-Stop
vehicles that is both high-performance and more resistant to heat. It gives
car manufacturers more design flexibility and is also suitable for operation
in hot countries. This operation, which will be further developed for heat
resistance, supports Volkswagen in the implementation of its sustainability
strategy over all climate zones. Volkswagen recently honoured this new
Johnson Controls battery with its Group Award.

Experts agree that electromobility will be achieved in several individual
steps. "In the next few years the demand for cars at the first hybridisation
stage of Start-Stop technology will be greatest. Solutions that reduce the
fuel consumption and emissions in these cars are in particular demand," says
Eric Mitchell, Vice President and General Manager at Johnson Controls Power
Solutions EMEA. The solution is called the AGM battery (Absorbent Glass Mat).
It is the heart of the system.

Particular demands on the battery

In Start-Stop technology the engine switches off automatically when the
car is stopped and is reactivated when the driver operates the clutch or the
accelerator. This places extra requirements on the battery, which demands
advanced battery technology to support. An AGM battery allows the engine to
start-up automatically, while still providing power for lights and radio at
all times.

On the way to a more heat resistant battery

The new technology improves the performance and life of AGM batteries,
especially in environments with high heat. By modifications to the negative
mass in the battery the energy store becomes more corrosion-resistant and has
a lower water consumption. This gives car manufacturers flexibility to
integrate the battery into the vehicle where high temperatures generally
arise. It is also an advantage in hot climates where there is already a high
temperature under the bonnet while the car is parked.

Experts from Volkswagen and Johnson Controls developed the technology in
Hanover. The battery is produced in Zwickau and Hanover in the standard sizes
L5, L6 and L7 and supplied to almost all Volkswagen Group production sites in
Europe. This high-performance and environmentally-friendly new battery is for
use in all BlueMotion models with Start-Stop function. In the future it also
will be available in several other vehicles.

Environmental protection also for the old battery

Johnson Controls is committed to environmental sustainability. For
decades the company has been a leader in the development of an infrastructure
to collect and recycle used batteries. Through its "EcoSteps(TM)" initiative,
every battery returned by customers and workshops is completely recycled. The
lead is almost 100 percent reused in new batteries. The company is in
addition supporting the World Wide Fund (WWF) Germany with this initiative.

"We are very pleased about the Volkswagen Group Award and to be appointed
as one of Volkswagen's premium suppliers. It is at the same time an incentive
and confirmation of our pursuit for innovative and sustainable solutions and
also consistent customer orientation," says Eric Mitchell.

The annual "Volkswagen Group Award" is an honor for entrepreneurial total
performance of suppliers that fulfill the demands of Europe's leading auto

Johnson Controls is the leading provider worldwide of lead batteries and
energy storage systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. In our 30 factories
we produce more than a third of the lead batteries produced worldwide for
famous car manufacturers and spare parts suppliers. With our innovations we
promote and shape the market for advanced energy storage systems for driving
hybrid and electric vehicles. Our Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture is the
first company worldwide to produce lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles
in large volume production. Our first-class technologies, production
facilities and recycling expertise demonstrate the high significance that we
attach to sustainability.

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