eServGlobal Partners With Xtract to Bring Advanced Analytics Powered by Social Intelligence for Real Time Promotions

By Eservglobal, PRNE
Thursday, January 27, 2011

PARIS, January 28, 2011 - eServGlobal Limited (LSE: ESG & ASX: ESV), a global telecoms
software vendor specializing in Mobile Money and Value-Added Services (VAS)
today announced a partnership agreement with Xtract, a leading provider of
advanced analytics solutions, powered by social intelligence.

The combined forces of eServGlobal's PromoMax solution and
Xtract's Social Links service will provide mobile network operators with the
ultimate weapon to target socially profiled customers with real time
promotions, maximising investment and minimising churn.

PromoMax empowers operators to deploy individually targeted,
diversified and timely promotions quickly to market. Social Links integrates
seamlessly with the PromoMax platform to provide sophisticated advanced
analytics, including social aspects of subscribers.

The 3D analytical profiling offered by Social Links provides
the capability to not only predict the behaviour of subscribers for a given
campaign but also the potential to influence those around them. Likely
churners can be retained with a wide array of rewards, delivered in real time
and for any type of top-up or usage.

PromoMax has been benchmarked for 50+ million subscribers and 300+
million daily service events; the solution is currently running 20+
simultaneous active promotions at one of eServGlobal's customers, reaching
peaks of 1.8 million rewards per day granted on a human real time mode.

"PromoMax and Social Links are a natural fit," commented Craig
, CEO, eServGlobal, "Both solutions offer industry leading technology
to empower the mobile network operator. We are excited to develop a strong
partnership with Xtract which will, in turn, bring our customers even greater

"PromoMax and Social Links provide an end-to-end solution to
mobile operators for implementing successful customer value management
strategies," commented Mika Lindholm, CEO, Xtract, "Xtract Social Links
brings best-in-class advanced analytics for predicting behaviour of
subscribers so that mobile operators can approach subscribers proactively,
while PromoMax brings the capability to deliver the promotions real time and
create dialogue with subscribers."

Social Links exports the customer profiles to the PromoMax
platform, tagged with the appropriate promotion ID, allowing PromoMax to
dynamically update the eligible customers for the relevant promotion.

eServGlobal and Xtract have the flexibility and agility to
offer customised solutions which best meet the needs of the local market.
With various licensing alternatives, including a SaaS based delivery model,
operators have the freedom to tailor a total solution to suit their needs.

About eServGlobal

eServGlobal specializes in Mobile Money solutions and
Value-Added Services (VAS), to help Telco Service Providers increase their
revenue and gain and maintain customer ownership.

eServGlobal invests heavily in product development, using
carrier-grade, next-generation technology aligned with the requirements of
more than 60 customers in over 45 countries. For 24 years, mobile, fixed,
Internet and multiplay telco providers have used our capabilities to lead and
innovate in their local markets, leveraging their core assets and their
trusted agent and subscriber relationships.

With 13 offices globally, eServGlobal provides full
"end-to-end" and "any account to any account" Mobile Financial Services and
International Money Transfers. Our Value Added Services in promotions,
loyalty, messaging, and multiplay are focused around the transaction and
enable service providers to engage with the subscriber in a personalized and
dynamic manner.

To reduce time-to market and manage exposure to CAPEX, we now
offer multiple licensing alternatives, including SaaS-based flexible,
revenue-share pricing. eServGlobal is listed on the Australian Securities
Exchange (ESV) and the London Stock Exchange AIM (ESG). More information at:

About Xtract

Xtract is the leading provider of advanced analytics solutions
powered by social intelligence to mobile operators. Its tools analyze the
wealth of customer and service usage data as well as campaign data to predict
the propensity of subscribers and those in their social network to either
churn or increase spend, and influence others to do likewise.

Its tools help operators gain insight into how customers
communicate with each other, and what are the differentiating social factors
behind specific customer groups. This insight can be further used in
designing targeted marketing campaigns. Xtract also provides custom analytics
solutions to other verticals, such as retail and finance, especially in the
Nordic market. For more information, visit Xtract's website.

For further information, please contact:

    Alison Cheek, Communication Manager      T: +33-6-87-96-77-46

    Mikko Kestila, VP of Customer Operations T: +358-20-749-8765

eServGlobal: Alison Cheek, Communication Manager, T: +33-6-87-96-77-46, alison.cheek at; Xtract Mikko Kestila, VP of Customer Operations T: +358-20-749-8765, mikko.kestila at

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