Eurail Group Announces Sixth European Rails of Peace Project

By Eurail Group G.i.e., PRNE
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UTRECHT, the Netherlands, July 20, 2011 -

- Young Students From Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia are
Travelling This Summer With InterRail Passes

Eurail Group G.I.E., is partnering for the sixth time with the
‘European Rails of Peace Project’. The Mobility Fund by Rail for
the Young and the Disadvantaged* is a fund that enables groups of
European citizens from underprivileged/disadvantaged backgrounds to
enrich their lives from an educational or cultural perspective.

In the year 2009 alone, €130,000 of funding was distributed
between twenty-seven organisations which helped approximately seven
hundred and fifty disadvantaged youngsters to travel outside their
native country. Furthermore, this year the Eurail Group has granted
26 disadvantaged students from the Balkans with a complimentary
second-class InterRail Global Pass; young citizens from
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia were selected based on their
age (18-25), social standing, personal motivation and

Eurail Group and the Mobility Fund by Rail for the Young and the
Disadvantaged are committed to explore and expand opportunities to
support less privileged European youngsters. “We are involved in
this project because InterRailing proves to be an invaluable
experience for youngsters as it helps the traveller to develop
their own sense of individual freedom whilst expanding their
curiosity”, explains Ana Dias e Seixas, Eurail Group’s Marketing
Director, “curiosity is often the natural gateway to growing
respect and tolerance for different cultures and ways of life.”

The InterRail Global Pass, valid in 30 participating countries,
enables travellers to enjoy the diversity of Europe’s rail network.
Rail travel provides a unique ‘interactive’ experience and can give
the flexible traveller a new perspective on life. InterRail offers
the visitor countless travel opportunities ranging from modern high
speed trains to the slower local trains, thus allowing pass holders
to appreciate the stunning scenery while being absorbed in the
local way of life.

Editors Notes

Eurail Group is the management and marketing organisation
created by thirty European railway companies and shipping lines
and, has managed the popular InterRail Pass offer since 2007. For
more information about the Eurail Group or where to purchase your
InterRail Pass, please consult href="">

* The Council of Europe and the International Union of Railways
(UIC) conceived the Mobility Fund by Rail for the Young and the
Disadvantaged. For more information visit: href="">

* Contact Mr. Marco Amici about the European Rail of Peace
project:   href="">

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