Europe's Biggest Independent Music Community Hitlantis Goes on Growing and is Acclaimed by Experts

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DUBLIN, December 30, 2010 - The international independent music community Hitlantis, the biggest in
Europe, is continuing to expand and is still attracting world-wide attention
with its unique service and user interface. The achievements of Hitlantis,
which has taken music community services into a new era, have been noted in
2010 in hundreds of media around the world since its launch.

Hitlantis is regarded as the fairest band site in the world, since it
passes on to bands as much as 90 per cent of the revenue from the music sold.
American channel giants CNBC and CBS chose Hitlantis, which launched a new
era in its industry, as the most innovative company in the world. Rising to
broad fame earlier this year through Hitlantis, Embassy of Silence already
won a recording contract and many newcomers are still waiting for their
breakthrough with Hitlantis' help.

"The future of music"

Professor Alf Rehn, who has gained international recognition and 13th
place on the Thinkers 50 list, believes on The Guru Radar site that Hitlantis
is even the next Nokia. According to Professor Rehn, who is widely known as a
writer and speaker, Hitlantis will be reforming the music industry already in
the next few years.

Journalist Phil Butler writes of a "mysterious online musical island" and
believes that he is presenting the future of online music in his article.
With its extensive network of performers, Butler says that Hitlantis is the
most popular hub for indie music for a variety of reasons. He refers also to
the recognition from CNBC and CBS. Butler suspects that Hitlantis has not yet
even shown us what it's best at.

The most interesting in the world

Hitlantis concentrates on independent and so far unknown bands that do
not have a recording contract. Users can listen to the music on direct
playback without charge, but the service also offers the option of
downloading music by purchasing bands' songs.

Artists owning the rights to their own music can upload their production
free on Hitlantis, which is considered to be the most interesting music
service in the world.

We have filled a vacuum, Hitlantis' Managing Director Marcus Tilgmann is
glad to say.

Most of the attention gained by the company comes from the graphic
implementation of the user interface, which has revolutionised the world of
music on the internet.

Marcus Tilgmann, +358-400-57-33-27, marcus at

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