Exploring the Future of Global Surface Combatant Fleets

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

LONDON, November 10, 2011 -

International navies are today forced to enhance the adaptability of their fleets, owing to a diverse operational environment, while still maintaining optimum operational capability. This must often be done in spite of the serve budget constraints still afflicting most of the maritime forces worldwide.

The recent emergence of new types of surface combatants reflects a change across the entire market. As operational requirements evolve, those ships fortunate enough to be built must fully address a range of varied needs and roles.

The much publicised rise in maritime piracy, terrorism and smuggling, for example, has highlighted the use of surface warships as a particularly crucial and indispensable part of the maritime environment.

Surface Warships 2012 is set to explore many of these key issues, including the future role of warships and how naval forces are leveraging technological advances to increase warship self-defence and survivability. In addition senior military officials from Mexican, Spanish, US, UK, Brazilian and Royal Netherlands navies will be present at the gathering to discuss their individual and joint plans and opportunities.

Keynote presentations at the event includes Commander Benigno Gonzalez-Aller from the Spanish Navy’s Resource & Requirements Plans Branch Plans & Policy Division, who will be speaking on design challenges facing the F110 and highlighting Spain’s maritime security challenges.

Commander Gabriel Catapano, the Italian Navy’s General Staff Officer of the 5th Surface Ships Office and Special Projects will be presenting a case study on a single common platform that is affordable and reconfigurable for multiple requirements and capabilities.

From the UK MoD, Commander Kenneth Houlberg, the Global Combat Ship capability director, is also scheduled to give a speech on the evolution of the new frigate. Key highlights of the presentation will explore design challenges encountered when a budget is set with a design to cost (DTC) principle, and how GCS will become part of the bigger picture in strengthening the UK Warship capability.

A full list of speakers and presentations is available on www.surfacewarships.com.

The event is likely to attract senior industry experts and leading military officials to discuss innovative future designs and the need to keep current vessels battle ready through capability upgrades and refits.


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