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By Ezair Wireless, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

EZVibe Audio Streamer Released Along With EZAir's Wireless USB Solution Lineup

AMSTERDAM, April 12, 2011 - EZAir Wireless offers a solution for audiophiles to stream their music
wirelessly from their computers to their home audio systems in uncompressed,
full 5.1 surround sound. The EZVibe wireless audio streamer (
www.ezairwireless.com/ezvibe.html), a highly popular gadget in the USA
and Asia has been released in Europe for the first time.

The EZVibe operates via a Plug&Play USB dongle that plugs into a USB port
available in any PC/Laptop and an adapter that connects to the home audio
system. Music is streamed wirelessly across a room in top quality
high-fidelity audio with no lag.

"The EZVibe is extremely simple to set up and use. Installation takes
minutes, and is both Windows and Mac compatible. The convenience of being
able to stream any music collection holds great appeal," Said Miriam Zeidler,
Europe Marketing Manager at EZAir Wireless. "Instead of leaving a computer
wired to the stereo system, or having to burn individual CDs, users can
listen to their entire collections from anywhere in a room, while using their
computer for other purposes, such as surfing the web or working. The EZVibe
frees users from tinny, low quality computer speakers."

EZVibe product video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuRa57Hq9vo

EZAir Wireless' product line at www.EZairWireless.com includes the
EZView and EZView+ Audio/Video Wireless USB streamers, which stream up to
Full HD video; and the multi-tasking EZDock, which is also a wireless docking
station. EZAir Wireless products are available for purchase online at and are
priced in the range of 69 to 149 Euros.

EZVibe Introductory special price promotions are available in
Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de marketplaces using "ezvibe."

The rest of EZAir Wireless' products are available for purchase in Amazon
using "ezair" and "ezairwireless" keywords, as well as through the following
link - www.ezairwireless.com/winter_sale

About EZAir Wireless

EZAir Wireless markets consumer electronics using Wireless
USB. EZAir products offer wireless connectivity between computers and a range
of A/V and PC peripherals, such as HDTVs, monitors, projectors and home
theater systems.

Note to distributors, resellers and small businesses:

EZAir Wireless can offer you an array of attractive business models to
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