Finnish Intoloop Collected Over $ 600,000 in Capital Investments

By Intoloop, PRNE
Monday, October 10, 2011

HELSINKI, October 11, 2011 -

The Finnish start-up company Intoloop has finished its second investment round, targeted at Finnish capital investors, in the summer of 2011. Some of the investors into the company are Risto Salo, main shareholder of Halti; Hannu Jyrkkä, CEO of Sasken Finland; JanDing Ltd; Pitkäjärvi Capital Ltd.; and Gowda Capital Ltd. So far, more than $ 1,350,000 of funding have already been raised for the development of the Intoloop online service.

“This latest investment round enables the expansion of our business to the global market. Our aim is to be one of the leading second-generation social media companies by the year 2014″, clarifies Petri Hiissa, Chairman of the Board at Intoloop.

The fast-rising start-up company has developed the Intoloop Kids online child journal which, since its publication in April, has already gathered thousands of active users. At the moment, the available language versions are English, Finnish, and Japanese. The service has users in a total of 15 countries. Additional languages are becoming available soon.

Intoloop aims for rapid growth. “In the course of next year, Intoloop will continue its strong globalization by attracting international partners”, says CEO Henri Liljeroos, referring to the constantly ongoing negotiations. Close new partnerships have also been made domestically. In August, we partnered with Terve Media, the largest Finnish wellness media. This partnership brings together the Intoloop Kids child journal and the users of the family portal that boasts the largest offering of professional content in Finland, explains Liljeroos.

The users of Intoloop Kids have been able to record their child’s life onto the timeline already since April, when the service was launched. Causing a stir, Facebook announced its own Timeline a couple of weeks ago. “With Intoloop Kids, events in the child’s life are recorded on the timeline with ease and security. It’s not even possible to use Facebook’s timeline for this purpose, as the service’s rules forbid creating an individual profile for a child. Facebook is hardly a suitable place to store information related to children in any case”, states Intoloop’s Chairman of the Board, Petri Hiissa.

Mobile versions of the service have been tailored for iPhone and Android handsets, and they will be published during this month. Petri Hiissa believes the new mobile applications will result in a notable rise in the number of registered users. The child’s information is safe within the service, as Intoloop Kids operates over secure connections - in the same way as online banking services do - and all rights to the child’s information belong to the parents”, Hiissa says regarding the understandable threat of the children’s privacy violations.

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