First Arab Online Tutoring Company Launches -

By Emuallim Fz Llc, PRNE
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, June 16, 2011 -, the world’s first href="">Arab online tutoring company,
announced its official launch today. Built to serve the estimated 9
million Arab students in the Middle East and North Africa region
with Internet access, Emuallim provides Homework Help and Skill gap
tutoring in Maths, Science, English and other customised learning

Emuallim’s mission is to leverage the growing influence of
internet in the region to provide greater access to supplementary
education throughout the region but especially for female students.
Online tutoring offers a safe, controlled environment: all classes
are recorded and all student-tutor interaction is through official
Emuallim channels.  

“Culturally, online tutoring makes sense for the Arab world,
it’s an advantage for students as well as parents as it saves
precious time, money and no travel is required,” says Babu Paul,
the co-founder of the company.  ”Students and tutors meet in
an online classroom where they can speak, write, share documents
and work out problems together in real time just like the classroom
environment. The classes are fully recorded and can be replayed at
any time, and it is up to the student and parents to decide whether
they want to enable video conferencing or not from a privacy point
of view.  Students study One to One with tutors in an
effective online environment.”  

Some question whether online tutoring works, but research
overwhelmingly supports online tutoring’s effectiveness.  A
recent meta-analysis commissioned by the United States Department
of Education found that online learning was actually more effective
than traditional learning.

There are additional benefits of href="">online tutoring as well.  No
travel is required, making it a more convenient solution in a
region where daytime temperatures can soar above 50° Celsius.
Students do not have to sacrifice extra-curricular activities due
to rigid timings of tutoring centres. Students can relax in their
own air-conditioned homes and connect with a qualified tutor who
might be hundreds of miles away.  Tutors also benefit as they
are able to work from home, and the reduced overhead means that the
cost of tutoring is about a third of the price of
traditional tutoring.

And just who are these tutors?

Most of Emuallim’s tutors are Arab tutors located in the Middle
or North Africa, but there are also tutors located in Asia and
North America.  As a socially conscious company, however,
Emuallim specifically seeks to provide part time employment
opportunities to qualified and retired teachers in economically
depressed areas of the Middle East and North Africa regions.
 All tutors undergo extensive training and certification
before they are approved to work with students, ensuring tutor
quality and also providing valuable development opportunities for

Emuallim management includes a talented team spanning
technology, education and operations. Co-founders Babu Paul and
Mathew Mampra have worked extensively in the region in
telecommunications and information technology, Dr. John Stuppy, is
one of the acknowledged educational visionaries of today.  Dr.
Stuppy has played leading roles in some of the world’s most noted
and successful educational companies including serving as President
of TutorVista, Chief Information Officer at the Princeton Review,
and Chief Technology Officer at Sylvan Learning.

Emuallim is celebrating its launch by offering one month of href="">free
tutoring to all registered users.  Students can earn
additional free tutoring through friend referrals.  Visit href=""> to register.

Contact: Paul Babu
Phone: +971-42390743


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