GAIN Capital's Introduces Lower Pricing

By Gain Capital Holdings Inc., PRNE
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reduced spreads and enhanced price transparency

NEW YORK, LONDON and SYDNEY, June 14, 2010 - GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., a global provider of online trading
services, today announced a new pricing structure for its brand,
reducing spreads by up to 50 percent on previous minimum spreads.'s
global customers will now be able to trade on spreads as low as 0.9 pips on
some of the most popular currency pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and

The company's new pricing has been designed to offer maximum transparency
to customers. In addition to publishing minimum spreads for each product, will publish its "typical spread" and has also implemented a
"maximum spread" for each product, intended to protect traders from
excessively wide spreads in most volatile market conditions.

"We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service. Our long
standing relationships with some of the world's leading global banks, coupled
with significant technology investments over the past several years, enable
us to offer highly competitive pricing to our customers worldwide," said
Glenn Stevens, CEO, GAIN Capital. "On top of lowering our customer's
transaction costs, we will continue to work hard to ensure we maintain the
high execution standards our customers have come to expect."

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             Spreads - Most Popular

    Product    Min  Typical  Product   Min   Typical Product   Min  Typical

    EUR/USD    0.9      2.1  USD/JPY   0.9       1.9 GBP/USD   0.9     3.2
    AUD/USD    0.9      2.3  EUR/JPY   1.1       3.1 EUR/GBP   1.0     3.7
    USD/CHF    0.9      3.1  GBP/JPY   2.1       5.0 EUR/CHF   1.3     3.5
    USD/CAD    0.9      3.7  NZD/USD   0.9       2.9 XAU/USD  55.0    57.0

    Product    Min  Typical  Product   Min   Typical Product   Min  Typical

    NZD/JPY    2.8      4.9  CAD/JPY   2.8       4.5 AUD/JPY   2.8     4.3
    EUR/AUD    3.8      5.8  CHF/JPY   1.8       3.7 EUR/CAD   3.3     6.1
    AUD/NZD    3.8      8.9  AUD/CAD   2.0       4.3 GBP/CAD   3.8     7.3
    GBP/AUD    3.8      7.3  EUR/NZD   6.8      12.2 GBP/NZD  14.5    17.0
    AUD/CHF    4.3      4.9  NZD/CHF   5.3       5.8 NZD/CAD   6.8     7.1
    CAD/CHF    5.3      5.6  USD/HKD   4.3       4.7 USD/SGD   4.3     4.8
    SGD/JPY    3.8      4.4  USD/NOK  20.8      50.3 USD/SEK  20.8    43.7
    USD/DKK    3.3      5.5  EUR/NOK  20.8      56.8 EUR/SEK  20.8    59.8
    EUR/DKK    3.3      5.0  USD/ZAR  55.0      85.0 USD/MXN  55.0    90.0
    XAG/USD    4.0      4.5  XAU/CHF   .76       .93 XAU/EUR   .66     .67
    XAU/AUD    .76      .91                          XAU/GBP   .66     .68


    Product    Min  Typical  Product   Min   Typical

    USOIL        5        6  UKOIL       5         7

About GAIN Capital

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. is a global provider of online trading
services, specializing in foreign exchange (forex or FX) and contracts for
difference (CFDs). Customers and trading partners in more than 140 countries
have utilized the company's award-winning trading platform which transacts
nearly US$250 billion per month.

A pioneer in online forex trading, GAIN Capital provides execution,
clearing, custody and technology products and services to an institutional
client base including asset managers, broker/dealers and other financial
services firms. GAIN also operates, one of the largest and
best-known brands in the retail forex industry.

With offices in New York City; Bedminster, New Jersey; London; Sydney;
Hong Kong; Tokyo and Seoul, GAIN Capital and its affiliates are regulated by
the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States, the
Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the United Kingdom, the Financial
Services Authority (FSA) in Japan, the Securities and Futures Commission
(SFC) in Hong Kong, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
(ASIC) in Australia.

GAIN's investor group includes private equity firms 3i, VantagePoint
Venture Partners, Tudor Ventures, Edison Venture Fund and Cross Atlantic
Capital Partners.

For company information, visit or

In North America, Savannah Tikotsky, +1-212-808-4903, or Christa Conte, +1-212-808-4902, both of Feintuch Communications, gain at; or in Europe, Laura Crooks, +44-(0)-20-3047-2366, or Laura Cocker,+44-(0)-20-3047-2365, both of Edelman, gain at

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