‘Global Aluminium Market Will be Worth $99.9bn in 2011,’ Says Latest visiongain Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Sunday, September 25, 2011

LONDON, September 26, 2011 -


The aluminium industry is emerging as one of the strongest markets after recession as the commodity is gradually gaining prominence in the recovering transportation and construction industries. The global aluminium market is a steadily growing market which is expected to follow a progressive above average growth rate in developing nations and a modest, steady growth rate in mature markets. Visiongain calculates that the global aluminium market will be worth $99.9bn in 2011.

Although the demand for aluminium was negatively impacted during the recession; the industry is rapidly picking-up owing to the soaring demand of developing Asian economies and rebounding economies of developed nations. China and India are the major contributors to global aluminium production and consumption with other countries, including Russia, USA, Australia, Brazil and Norway, making significant contributions to the global growth. Visiongain expects the global metals and mining industry and in particular, the aluminium market to bounce back and demonstrate solid growth in line with previously expected growth rates.

The emerging economies, which in total maintained positive growth through the crisis, will continue to register strong growth, driving demand for aluminium products in the coming decade. Being the largest aluminium consuming sector, recovery in the transportation industry is yielding good results for the global aluminium market.

Contributing further to growth will be the infrastructure development going on at a massive scale in BRIC nations. Moreover, emerging consumer markets are rapidly growing opportunities. Rising GDPs leading to the higher purchasing power of the population will create more demand for automotives, enhanced infrastructure, construction work, and other related products which will collectively boost the aluminium industry.

Global growth is shifting towards East with Asian and Middle Eastern countries emerging as the most powerful markets. This decade is expected to have the largest production and consumption from the Eastern countries. Saudi Arabia is expected to emerge as a major aluminium exporter with several new smelter projects to start production within five years. The region has the abundance of cheap energy for industrial projects. In contrast, China, although self-sufficient with alumina reserves, the nation’s extensively growing economy offers scope for further exploration. As such, the soaring appetite of China and the promising Middle East aluminium market will benefit the global aluminium industry.

Aluminium smelting, being the largest smelting activity in the world, is expected to gain prominence with the growing demand. The aluminium industry is expected to exhibit solid growth mainly driven by gradually recovering markets, economic rebound in aluminium consuming industries, and growing consumer demand for improved aluminium products. The global aluminium industry is also expected to benefit from further refinement of the commodity to enhance its applications in several other sectors.

The Aluminium Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasts 2011-2016 report will prove invaluable to current industry players, or those wishing to enter or invest in the market over the coming decade.

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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Global Aluminium Packaging Industry
1.2 Major Trends in the Aluminium Packaging Industry
1.3 Factors Driving the Aluminium Packaging Industry
1.4 Factors Restraining the Aluminium Packaging Industry
1.5 The Benefits of this Report
1.6 Whom is this Report For?
1.7 Methodology
1.8 Global Aluminium Packaging Market Forecast 2011-2021
1.9 Aluminium Packaging Submarkets’ Forecast 2011-2021
1.10 Leading National Aluminium Packaging Markets’ Forecast 2011-2021

2. Introduction to the Aluminium Packaging Market
2.1 Advantages of Aluminium
2.2 Aluminium Packaging Applications
2.3 Factors Benefitting Aluminium Packaging Market Growth
2.3.1 Meets Multifunctional Requirements for Modern Packaging
2.3.2 Tasty and Fresh - For Pure Pleasure
2.3.3 Perfectly Hygienic - For Health
2.3.4 Functional and Practical - for Transportation and Safety
2.3.5 Aluminium creates Brand Experiences
2.3.6 Ecologically Expedient and Sustainable

3. The Global Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
3.1 Factors Favouring the Aluminium Packaging Market
3.2 Possible Challenges in the Aluminium Packaging Market
3.3 Global Packaging Industry Development Status
3.4 Aluminium Packaging Market Drivers and Restraints
3.5 Aluminium in Packaging: A Constant Progression

4. Leading Aluminium Packaging Sub - Markets
4.1 Global Aluminium Packaging Sub-Markets 2011-2021
4.2 Aluminium Food Packaging Sub-Market 2011-2021
4.3 Aluminium Beverage Packaging Sub-Market 2011-2021
4.4 Aluminium Personal Care Packaging Sub-Market 2011-2021
4.5 Aluminium Health Care Packaging Sub-Market 2011-2021
4.6 Other Aluminium Packaging Sub-Market 2011-2021

5. Leading National Aluminium Packaging Markets
5.1 US Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.2 Japanese Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.3 Chinese Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.4 German Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.5 French Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.6 UK Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.7 Italian Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.8 Russian Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.9 Canadian Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.10 Indian Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.11 Spanish Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.12 Brazilian Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
5.13 RoW Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021

6. SWOT Analysis of the Aluminium Packaging Market 2011-2021
6.1 Strengths
6.1.1 A Versatile Commodity Suitable for Several Applications
6.1.2 Recyclable In Nature
6.1.3 Lowest Percentage of GHG Emissions
6.1.4 Being Essential Manufacturing Component will Generally Have an Inelastic Demand
6.1.5 BRIC Nations to Lead the Aluminium Growth
6.2 Weaknesses
6.2.1 Volatility in Aluminium Prices to Impact Demand
6.2.2 Climate Change and High Energy Consumption to Restrict the Growth
6.2.3 Regular Changes in the Country Specific Government Policies
6.3 Opportunities
6.3.1 Middle East Emerging as Aluminium Hub
6.3.2 Double-digit Growth in the Coming Decade
6.3.3 Rising Demand from Emerging Economies
6.4 Threats
6.4.1 Rising Electricity and Carbon Prices
6.4.2 A Substitute Might Pose a Threat
6.4.3 Environmental Threat

7. Expert Opinion
7.1 Spokesperson Representing a Leading Aluminium Packaging Company
7.1.1 Cost versus Recyclability
7.1.2 Market Drivers & Restraints
7.1.3 Emerging Markets for Aluminium Packaging
7.1.4 Factors Influencing the Global Aluminium Packaging Market
7.1.5 Technological Advancements Impacting the Aluminium Packaging Market
7.1.6 Unique Selling Point (USP) of Aluminium Packaging
7.2 Spokesperson from Noranda Aluminum Holding Corporation
7.2.1 Aluminium Consumption & Production Going Closer to Emerging Markets
7.2.2 Consumerism to Drive Aluminium Demand
7.2.3 Growing & Maturing Aluminium Packaging Markets
7.2.4 High Energy Prices, A Major Constraint

8. Leading Companies in the Aluminium Packaging Market
8.1 Alcoa Inc.
8.2 Amcor Packaging Ltd.
8.3 All Foils, Inc.
8.4 Ball Corporation
8.5 CCL Industries Inc.
8.6 Coppice Alupack Ltd.
8.7 Crown Holdings Inc.
8.8 Ess Dee Aluminium Limited.
8.9 Exal Corporation
8.10 Great China Metal Industrial Co. Ltd (GCMI)
8.11 Hindalco Industries Limited
8.12 Hoe Chong Tinplate Ltd.
8.13 Nicholl Food Packaging Limited
8.14 Novelis Inc.
8.15 Plus Pack AS
8.16 Rexam PLC
8.17 Reynolds Group Holdings
8.18 Silgan Holding Inc.
8.19 Sonoco Products Company
8.20 UC Rusal
8.21 Other Leading Aluminium Packaging Companies

9. Conclusions
9.1 Growth in Global Aluminium Packaging Market
9.2 Factors Favouring the Aluminium Packaging Market
9.3 Growth in Aluminium Packaging Submarkets
9.4 Growth in National Aluminium Packaging Markets
9.5 Positive Outlook of the Aluminium Packaging Industry

10. Glossary

Notes for Editors

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