Group Launched to Put Consumers First

By Consumers Alliance For Global Prosperity cagp, PRNE
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leading Advocacy Groups Establish Coalition to Defend the Global Rights and Liberties of Consumers

WASHINGTON, August 26, 2010 - Today in an effort to protect the rights of consumers globally, a new
action-oriented coalition was launched to defend and advance the genuine
interests of consumers and to ensure consumers are no longer ignored in the
political and policymaking process. The Consumers Alliance for Global
Prosperity (CAGP) ( seeks to educate and
activate concerned citizens in response to costly collaboration between
environmentalists, protectionist industries, big labor unions and retail


Andrew Langer, president of the U.S.-based Institute for Liberty and a
spokesman for CAGP, explained, "All too often in discussions about the
economy today, the critical relationship between consumers and the prosperity
of the poor is totally ignored. The complicity of powerful business,
ideological and bureaucratic interests advance their agendas at the expense
of prosperity — both here in America, and around the world. The time has
come to re-link consumers, working families, and global prosperity in the
minds of Americans."

CAGP said it would focus on a wide variety of issues involving green
protectionism, green jobs and leftist consumer and corporate citizenship
policies that often hurt more than help the poor both in the U.S. and

One important issue to consumers is the ability to have access to
high-quality, affordable paper products. "American paper companies, big labor
unions like the Steelworkers and radical environmentalist groups like the
Sierra Club and the Rainforest Action Network are colluding to erect trade
barriers to block low-cost import products from Indonesia and China.
Consumers are the ones who will be harmed, as the price of paper will rise,
affecting the cost of almost every good and service imaginable," said Langer.
"What's most egregious is that uncompetitive U.S. paper companies on the
brink of bankruptcy are being bailed out by U.S. taxpayers through a special
interest loophole for their waste, 'black liquor,' which gets preferential
treatment when it is used as a fuel."

Langer added, "We must once again make the defense of the free-market the
focal point of consumerism to ensure that individual liberties are reasserted
and defended not just for American consumers, but also for those striving for
economic freedom and progress in the developing world."

About CAGP: Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity is an
action-oriented alliance of advocacy groups that promotes economic growth and
pro-consumer policies across the world.

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