Hanvon Grandly Launches the World's First Color Electronic Paper Book

By Hanvon Technology Co. Ltd., PRNE
Thursday, November 18, 2010

BEIJING and TOKYO, November 10, 2010 - Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanvon) was established in 1998 and is a
high-tech enterprise that is dedicated to the development and production of
intelligent products, technologies and services in the field of man-computer
interaction. In the global handwriting recognition market, Hanvon always is a
leader. In 2008, with its strong technological strength, Hanvon entered the
e-book market. With a full range of technological integration capabilities,
it has developed a variety of e-book products, occupied 95% of China's e-book
market and become a global leading e-book manufacturer. In order to better
develop international markets, on November 10, 2010, Hanvon grandly launched
the world's first color electronic paper book at the FPD International
Exhibition in Chiba, Japan.

The Hanvon color e-book is the world's first large-screen high-resolution
color e-book. It is one of preferential high-end business and office
products. The whole e-book is equal in size to A4 paper. Its screen uses the
latest E Ink Triton(TM) screen launched by E Ink Holdings Inc, having a wholly
new window-type user interface and an electromagnetic pen + finger touch,
making the operation more convenient and smooth. Compared with the
traditional black and white E Ink screen, Hanvon color e-book can restore the
true feeling of paper reading to a greater degree. Meanwhile, it inherits all
the advantages of E Ink technologies. This product can support a variety of
formats, speak in TTS voice, comment in PDF at any time and make instant
Chinese-English translation. It provides a color paper experience, and also
contains notes and address books to provide better business and office
services to users. It has WIFI and a 3G wireless network to make users enjoy
online life anytime and anywhere. With the constant development of e-book and
screen technologies, Hanvon color e-book can now become one of the paperless
office devices. At the same time, it can replace the function of printers and
has a variety of small game features to provide users entertainment in their
spare time.

With the rapid development of high-tech electronic technology, Hanvon has
become a star brand in the e-reader market. Hanvon electronic paper books not
only have advantages in quality, functionality and performance vs. cost
ratio, but also integrate Hanvon handwriting technology to facilitate users
to comment, modify and excerpt contents to read and write. The Hanvon
electronic paper book is not only a revolutionary e-reader but also your
private library that can go with you at any time. It can enable you to carry
thousands of electronic data with you and easily read them anytime and
anywhere. In order to meet the needs of e-reading in more human ways, Hanvon
will continue to be dedicated to the research and development of color
e-books to provide consumers with more perfect reading experience.

About Hanvon

Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. With years of
research achievements, Hanvon has led the research, development, application
and promotion of multiple intelligent man-machine interface technologies and
products. Hanvon is very ambitious and emphasizes both the development of
technology and products and the marketing of them! First, Hanvon is dedicated
to the research of pattern recognition and focuses on the research and
promotion of handwriting, voice, OCR and biometric identification
technologies. Now, it has owned a number of internationally advanced core
technologies and independent intellectual property rights in this field.
Secondly, Hanvon emphasizes the marketing and promotion of its technology and
products. It has effectively set up a sales and service network in more than
200 cities throughout China, trying to lead the digitalization and
intelligentization of people's work and life. "Loyalty, Dedication and Vying
for the First" is the spirit of Hanvon, and continuous innovation is the soul
of Hanvon. Hanvon is willing to sincerely cooperate with all friends, sharing
the fruits of China's fast-growing high technology and creating the splendor
of the information age. For more information, please browse

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