Heavy Lift Transport at its Finest

By Air Charter International, PRNE
Saturday, October 22, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, October 23, 2011 -

On the 2nd of October 2011, Air Charter International transported a 37-tonne rudder part from Korea to Dubai.

Tailor-made by Korean steel manufacturer Taewoong, the 9.16 metre long, 1.05 metre wide rudder part was essential to the repair of a ship stationed at the Dubai Dry Docks.

“When we first received this inquiry, we immediately understood the importance of teamwork in completing this cargo charter successfully,” said Claire Brugirard, Commercial Manager at Air Charter International.

“With this in mind, we enlisted the services of Emirates Sky Cargo, Dnata and Atlas Air and began working with them to transport this massive rudder part which was the largest piece of cargo they had ever moved.”

Due to the heavy weight of the cargo, Air Charter International Senior Manager Special projects Mr. Ian McEwan had to travel to Korea and assist with the packing and loading of the giant piece of cargo.

“The purpose of my travel to Inchon was to ensure that the piece was packed according to the aircraft operators guidelines,” said Mr. McEwan. “The enormous size of this project cargo required two cranes capable of lifting 50 tonnes to be stationed at either airport to load and unload the piece to and from the aircraft.”

To transport this heavy load, Air Charter International sourced a Boeing 747 noseloader, one of the few aircraft large enough to transport such a heavy load.

“We are grateful for all the combined efforts of Emirates Sky Cargo, Dnata and Atlas Air. Their hard work contributed greatly to the success of this outsized cargo movement,” said Ms. Brugirard.

“We are also proud to have Manager of Special Projects Ian McEwan on our team. His dedication and effort was vital to the transport of this heavylift cargo.”

Notes to Editor:

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