I-Media Launches Mobile Site alrroya.mobi, With Publish live From KnowledgeView

By Knowledgeview Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, March 21, 2010

LONDON, March 22, 2010 - I-Media - a DAS Holding company - has launched its mobile site
as an ambitious initiative to extend the reach of Alrroya newspaper, the
first UAE financial daily, and to satisfy most of the mobile users needs in
the region. This was made possible through the 'Publish live' technology from

The project started in January 2009, was completed in February
and is set for launch this month.

For the I-Media editors, a one-click step was added to their
conventional editorial workflow, 'Rapid Browser' a publishing solution
designed by KnowledgeView. Through the new initiative, Alrroya's content is
available on the new mobile site alrroya.mobi in English and Arabic for
I-phone users as well as for Blackberry users and all the Symbian devices
like Nokia and others. The mobile site will do his automatic detection for
the device and will be shown with a perfect layout on respective devices.

With this enthusiastic move to online on mobile, every
interested reader will be able to watch videos or read texts on economy,
investments and real estate or check financial reports published by Alrroya
everywhere on the planet via alrroya.mobi from I-Media! Not to mention the
special reports that will be found on the mobile site only.

After this upgrade, I-media will be benefiting more from its
newsroom capabilities and will be ready to handle a better communication with
readers and a better interaction with them.

"The mobile offering comes to complement the existing publishing
platforms I-Media opted for as we are aware that mobile is becoming an
advanced and convenient tool that end users check throughout the day for
business, leisure and entertainment beside the telephonic purposes.
KnowledgeView has provided a leading technology in this area and we are
delighted to work closely with the team to make the mobile offering a very
successful browsing experience for our readers", Mr. Mohammad Moumenine, CEO
of I-Media, said.

"The tie-up with I-Media reflects KnowledgeView's commitment to bring the
international best practices to the MENA region to improve the readers'
experiences while making the multi-publishing exercise very easy for our
media partners. The mobile application comes after a lot of research and
market study and we are happy to introduce the iPad application in few weeks
to make the multi-publishing solution comprehensive and ahead of the latest
technologies", Dr. Ali Al Assam, CEO, KnowledgeView said.

About KnowledgeView

KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in
London and offices in the Middle East. The company was founded in 1995 to
develop cross-media publishing, news management and editorial sharing
systems. Users of KnowledgeView's Publish live solutions included the
Independent News and Media, Guardian Media Group, News Corporation and the
Washington Post. In the Middle East, KnowledgeView is a leading newspaper
integrator, with over 40 media companies, providing consultancy as well as
technology, acting as a marketing and technology bridge between Europe and
the Arab World.

KnowledgeView's Publish live suite of products and services
enables publishers to extend their reach and increase revenues, through easy
multi-publishing to paper, Web, mobile and now TV & radio.

KnowledgeView's RAPID Browser is a powerful news management
and editorial sharing system for automating acquisition, classification and
enhancement of news and media content and creating packages for cross-media
publishing, designed to streamline production and create additional revenues.

RAPID Browser has set the standard for the next generation of
news management systems, with its ability to gather content from a wide
variety of sources such as news agencies, correspondents' reports, RSS and
Web harvested feeds, and the power it puts in the hands of users to define
their own ways of filtering and acting on items that match their interests.

RAPID Archive, integrated with RAPID Browser, provides
strategic rich-media archiving for publishers.

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