Icera Powers the Sierra Wireless AirCard(R) USB 305 HSPA Modem

By Icera Inc, PRNE
Sunday, December 13, 2009

BRISTOL, England, December 14 - Icera Inc., the Mobile Broadband semiconductor company, today announced
its Livanto(R) chipset is powering the Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 305. The
AirCard USB 305 is the latest HSPA modem from Sierra Wireless, and is
available now from AT&T.

The Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 305 offers high speed HSPA wireless
download speeds of 7.2Mbps and upload speeds of 2Mbps in a tri-band UMTS
(850/1900/2100) and quad-band GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) configuration for
global roaming.

The most recent independent industry benchmarking tests,
conducted by Signals Research Group LLC, identified clear performance
advantages for Icera's Livanto(R) chipset over all competitors in real world
network conditions, offering Sierra Wireless' users a faster and more
reliable Mobile Broadband browsing experience.

Greg Speakman, Vice President of Marketing for Sierra
Wireless, said: "We selected Icera's Livanto(R) chipset for the USB 305 for
its high performance, as recognized by our major customers. The product
offers outstanding user experience and, although Icera is a relative newcomer
to the market, the company's innovative technology is allowing us to
successfully deliver enhanced mobile broadband performance for our

The Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 305 HSPA modem is available as
the AT&T USBConnect Lightning from AT&T retail stores in the US and online at

For more information, please visit

About Icera

Icera is a fabless semiconductor company, pioneering high
performance, low power, soft modem chipsets for the fast growing mobile
broadband device market. Icera technology delivers the highest performance
modem solutions for USB dongles, datacards, laptops, mobile internet devices
and smartphones. Founded in 2002, Icera is headquartered in the UK, with
design locations in the UK, France, the USA and China and customer
engineering and sales offices in Asia, Europe and the USA. For more
information, visit the Icera web site at

About Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) products connect
people and machines to wireless networks around the world. We offer an
advanced, comprehensive product line, addressing consumer, enterprise,
original equipment manufacturer, and specialized vertical industry markets.
We also offer a wide range of professional and operated services. Our
solutions are used for mobile computing, transportation, industrial M2M
(machine-to-machine), enterprise, residential and consumer communications
applications. For more information about Sierra Wireless, visit

"AirCard" is a registered trademark of Sierra Wireless. Other
product or service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their
respective owners.

Sierra Wireless Forward Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that
involve risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements relate to,
among other things, plans and timing for the introduction or enhancement of
our services and products, statements about future market conditions, supply
conditions, channel and end customer demand conditions, revenues, gross
margins, operating expenses, profits, and other expectations, intentions, and
plans contained in this press release that are not historical fact. Our
expectations regarding future revenues and earnings depend in part upon our
ability to successfully develop, manufacture, and supply products that we do
not produce today and that meet defined specifications. When used in this
press release, the words "plan", "expect", "believe", and similar expressions
generally identify forward-looking statements. These statements reflect our
current expectations. They are subject to a number of risks and
uncertainties, including, but not limited to, changes in technology and
changes in the wireless data communications market. In light of the many
risks and uncertainties surrounding the wireless data communications market,
you should understand that we cannot assure you that the forward-looking
statements contained in this press release will be realized.

For further information, please contact: Sally Doherty, Icera Inc. Tel: +44-145-428-4859, Email: sally at

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