Industry Leaders Come Together for World's First Sustainable Ocean Summit

By Golder Associates, PRNE
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, April 15, 2010 - Senior representatives from a wide range of ocean industries will convene
to address the sustainability challenges facing the ocean business community
in a landmark summit.

The Sustainable Ocean Summit is the first international cross sectoral
business conference on Corporate Ocean Responsibility. The conference,
organised by the World Ocean Council in association with Golder Associates,
will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the 15th -17th June 2010 and
will bring together representatives from varying marine industries including
oil and gas, shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy, tourism and
marine technology.

Paul Holthus, World Ocean Council Executive Director said, "Although a
wide range of industries use the same ocean, there is no forum that brings
this diverse ocean business community together to communicate and collaborate
on leadership in the responsible use of the marine environment. The
Sustainable Ocean Summit is the first time that likeminded industry leaders
from around the world will come together around the sustainability issues
shared by all private sector users of the ocean and develop the collaboration
needed to implement solutions."

The conference will open with an unprecedented Roundtable of Ocean
Industry Association Leaders that will gather high level representatives from
a range of international industry associations including the Oil and Gas
Producers Association, International Chamber of Shipping, International
Association of Dredging Companies, Global Aquaculture Alliance, Ocean Energy
Systems, and the International Desalination Association. A plenary media
panel will later address Improving Media, Public and NGO Understanding of
Ocean Industries.

Summit sessions will address priority ocean industry issues including
ocean zoning, offshore renewable energy, seafood interaction with other
industries, the Arctic Ocean, climate change, ocean noise, marine policy and
governance, and marine invasive species. The conference will move beyond the
exchange of information to the initiation of cross-sectoral industry working
groups focused on developing actions to address the critical marine
stewardship challenges facing ocean industries. Collaboration on developing
solutions to cross-cutting issues will create direct business benefits, such
as cost savings through economies of scale in research.

The summit will conclude with a half day seminar dedicated to the rapidly
evolving issue of Marine Spatial Planning. The seminar will focus on ensuring
ocean businesses understand this emerging approach to marine governance,
developing the role of industry in ocean zoning and facilitating proactive
industry collaboration and involvement in marine planning efforts.

Paul Holthus added, "The Sustainable Ocean Summit provides an
unprecedented opportunity for the ocean business community to come together
to develop the policies and practices to address the sustainability issues
that are increasingly affecting access to marine areas and resources, and
achieve the business benefits that can result from collaboration and

The World Ocean Council is the international, cross-sectoral industry
alliance for private sector leadership and collaboration in ocean

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