INTERPOL Global Complex in Singapore to Enhance and Strengthen Policing Worldwide

By Interpol, PRNE
Monday, June 28, 2010

LYON, France, June 29, 2010 - INTERPOL's Executive Committee unanimously endorsed the creation of an
INTERPOL Global Complex in Singapore. An implementation plan will be
presented at INTERPOL's 79th General Assembly in Qatar in November with
operation projected for late 2013 or early 2014.

The global complex will complement and support INTERPOL's General
Secretariat in Lyon, France which remains the organization's world

"The establishment of the state-of-the-art INTERPOL Global Complex in
Singapore represents a win-win situation for INTERPOL, Singapore and Asia, as
well as addresses complex crime challenges in the 21st century," said
INTERPOL President Khoo Boon Hui
( "This reflects
the need to think beyond today to enhance global security tomorrow."

Key elements of INTERPOL's Global Complex include:

Innovative research and development enhancing forensics and database
capabilities, particularly in the identification of crimes and criminals;

Addressing demands for technology and innovation-based police training
and capacity building;

Enhancing INTERPOL's capacity for 24/7 operational support to police
across time zones and distances with greater mobility.

Secretary General Ronald K. Noble
( welcomed the
decision which he described as "an initiative that will increase INTERPOL's
operational reach around the globe."

"With criminals taking greater advantage of technology and increasing
challenges to law enforcement, this Global Complex will allow INTERPOL and
global policing to remain ahead of transnational criminals by relying upon
high-tech crime expertise and Singapore's and Asia's dynamism and their
culture of innovation," said Noble.

"The creation of INTERPOL's Global Complex marks a new milestone in the
history of international law enforcement and INTERPOL, underscoring
Singapore's commitment to international security. The new complex will
co-operate with public and private organizations identifying areas for
collaboration and co-operation while delivering a wider range of services to
each of INTERPOL's 188 member countries
(," Noble concluded.

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