Iraq’s Minster of Construction and Housing to Address Urban Development Summit in Turkey

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ISTANBUL, November 9, 2011 -

H.E. Eng. Muhammed Al Darraji, Minister of Construction and Housing, Iraq has confirmed he will deliver a keynote address at the Iraq Urban Development Summit, being held at the Hilton Istanbul, Turkey, from 15-16 November 2011.

Leading international experts from across the construction and investment sectors will gather later this month to meet key Iraqi government stakeholders including: Kamal Field Al Basri, Chairman, Iraq Institute of Economic Reform, Burhan Al Bassam, Chairman, Iraq Housing Fund, Alaa Harba, Chairman, Babylon Investment Commission and Thair Feely, Board Member, Baghdad Investment Commission to discuss restoring and re-developing Iraq’s essential infrastructure.

After years of war and sanctions, Iraq is now in a position to rebuild their social infrastructure of housing, road networks and power and utilities networks. In July, Planning Minister Ali al-Shukr told Reuters that Iraq’s 2012 investment budgets needed to increase to 60 trillion dinars ($51 billion) from a planned 40 trillion dinars to ensure funds for new projects.

With the scope and multitude of project opportunities available in Iraq, it is important to understand how to effectively do business there. This government led forum provides companies looking to venture into Iraq with the guidance required to set up business, make contacts and navigate the Iraqi business culture in order to invest in and benefit from the large infrastructure and development projects that will be required to rebuild Iraq.

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