Join the Country Hoedown: Farmerama Celebrates its First Birthday

By Bigpoint Gmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Over 20 Million Farmerama Players Invited to Join in the Festivities

HAMBURG, Germany, January 27, 2011 - For millions of players around the world, virtual farming has
become part of their daily life. With over 140 million fluffy sheep grazing
the game's landscape, Bigpoint's successful casual game Farmerama
( has more sheep than in all of New Zealand - an
impressive number considering New Zealand has more sheep than inhabitants (34
million sheep vs. 4.3 million inhabitants). But that's not all: The size of
all Farmerama farms put together is larger than the total area of Russia. The
online farming sensation at hasn't just won the
hearts of fans but of juries across the world over. In 2010, Farmerama
pocketed various awards including the European Games Award, the Lara Online
Award, the German Developer Award and the newly created Mashable Award. With
all this success and Farmerama's first birthday rapid approaching, Bigpoint
has decided to throw a huge celebration and thank all its loyal Farmerama
fans as well as welcome new players to the game.

The icing on the cake

There's plenty of cake to go around, thanks to a special cake
cannon, which will give every player one 500-calrorie cupcake each day. The
higher a player's level, the larger and higher their cake will be in
calories. Players can feed their animals the cake and can also buy other
snazzy birthday items in the supply store.

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