Leading Industry Analyst Deems Watch4net's APG as a "Highly Scalable and Feature-Rich" Response for Vblock Monitoring

By Watch4net, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

MONTREAL, April 12, 2011 - Watch4net today announced that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a
leading industry analyst firm, reported that the APG solution is the first
software vendor providing managed service providers and enterprises a
solution to unify the visibility on every VCE coalition component such as
VMware, EMC storage and Cisco devices.

According to EMA's report (1), "Watch4net's APG solution does for
performance monitoring what the Vblock does for infrastructure, delivering
common, unified, real-time and historical views, spanning all of the physical
and virtual components that make up a 'data center cloud in a box.'"

In its report, EMA considers that Watch4net "may very well have been the
first performance management tools provider to embrace Vblock." The report
highlights the features of the APG solution and explains how APG addresses
today's challenges for Vblock monitoring. "From the perspective of
completeness, depth of visibility, flexibility and breadth of coverage,
Watch4net's APG solution represents a mature and viable path to success."

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About Watch4net

Watch4net is a leading provider of performance and service-assurance
software empowering service providers, mobile operators and enterprises to
provide the best quality of service at the lowest possible cost. Watch4net
was founded in 2000 and has offices in Canada, England, and Germany.

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(1) EMA, Inc. "Impact Brief: Watch4net Delivers Integrated
Service-Oriented Management for Vblock" by Jim Frey, March 2011.


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