Leading Medical Technology Company CNSystems is Austria's Representative at the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

By Cnsystems Medizintechnik Ag, PRNE
Monday, March 7, 2011

GRAZ, Austria, March 8, 2011 - This is a great success for CNSystems. The well-established
Austrian high tech company will be presenting its CNAP (Continuous
Non-invasive Arterial Pressure) blood pressure measuring device, as well as,
for the first time, evaluation data at the International Symposium on
Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine in Brussels.

Over the past years, CNSystems mainly demonstrated its
competence in the field of blood pressure measurement in anaesthesia and
cardiology. With the CNAP-Monitor the high-tech company succeeded in
developing a device for the continuous blood pressure measurement of every
single heartbeat without puncturing the body with a needle. "So far during
procedures the physician either had to place an arterial catheter or fall
back on upper arm measurement, which only provides a value every 3 to 15
minutes," explains the head of CNSystems, Jürgen Fortin. "Our device measures
the blood pressure painlessly, non-invasively and at the same time
continuously in real time, thus detecting life-threatening changes
immediately. This could save lives."

This kind of blood pressure measurement is enabled by a double
finger cuff, which records a highly accurate blood pressure curve. The cuff,
the software and the mechanism are protected by more than 50 patents
worldwide. The reliability and accuracy of the CNAP measurement during
operations have been confirmed in clinical trials by renowned universities.

However, not only the CNAP device will be shown at the
Symposium in Brussels, but also evaluation data from intensive care will be
scientifically presented for the first time. "We use the device on seriously
ill patients at its highest performance level. This way we gain valuable data
that ultimately help to monitor these patients optimally and, above all,
painlessly," explains the principal researcher, Univ.-Doz. Karl-Heinz Smolle
from Graz University Hospital. "And this is what matters in the end."

CNSystems is an Austrian, privately-owned, medical technology
company and technological leader in non-invasive, continuous blood pressure

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For further information contact: Mag. Alice Wellisch, CNSystems Medizintechnik AG, Reininghausstrasse 13, 8020 Graz, Tel.: +43-316-723456-0, Fax: +43-316-7-23456-2, E-mail: office at cnsystems.at

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