Lebanon to Strengthen Primary Health Care

By Accreditation Canada, PRNE
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OTTAWA, January 26, 2011 - The Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon has kept primary health care as
a priority by continuing to invest in improving the quality of primary health
care in Lebanon. Starting in January 2011, Accreditation Canada International
will provide training on quality improvement and the accreditation process,
as well as help in the development of the skills of health care professionals
in different regions.

This project will involve a first group of 20 Lebanese primary care
centers going through an initial assessment of their services, which will
help identify opportunities for improvement and provide the impetus to
improve the quality of care provided to the population. This second phase of
the primary health care strategy follows Accreditation Canada International's
successful review and revision of existing Lebanese primary health care
standards, and the pilot testing of the revised standards in three local
health organizations. "Improving the quality and safety of primary health
care services through accreditation is a key component of health reform in
Lebanon," says Professor Mohamed Jawad Khalifeh, Minister of Public Health in

"Everyone involved in the first phase of this project has shown a
remarkable commitment to ongoing quality improvement," says Wendy Nicklin,
President and CEO of Accreditation Canada. "It's encouraging to see that the
people who deliver health services in Lebanon are so dedicated to providing
safe, high quality services."

"The Ministry of Public Health is using a staged and sound approach that
builds concensus within the primary care community and instills confidence
that significant improvements can be achieved," says Sébastien Audette,
Director of Accreditation Canada International. "The level of engagement has
a direct impact on results, and the progress being made is commendable."

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For additional information contact: Liane Craig, Director, Strategic Communications, Accreditation Canada, +1-800-814-7769 ext. 301, communications at accreditation.ca

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