LifeVibes MusicFX Control Panel Turns on the Audio Effects for Android

By Nxp Software, PRNE
Sunday, February 27, 2011

NXP Software's new Control Panel Application Brings Audio Effects to Android Users, Device Makers and Application Developers

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, February 28, 2011 - NXP Software has launched its LifeVibes MusicFX control panel for the
Android platform. This new app opens up exciting possibilities for consumers,
device makers and application developers, allowing all of them to benefit
instantly from the audio effects incorporated in the latest Android release
(version 2.3.3, known as Gingerbread).

The latest version of the Android platform (Gingerbread) features a new
audio effects framework with a number of built-in enhancements such as bass
boost, equalization and stereo widening for headphones. These were developed
jointly by NXP Software and Google(TM) through the Open Handset Alliance. The
LifeVibes MusicFX control panel is a natural extension of the standard
Android music player, expanding its capabilities by providing instant access
to the built-in effects. For example, end-users can use it to access and
adjust these audio enhancements to their personal preferences.

Benefits for device makers and application developers

For device makers, the MusicFX control panel provides a standardized way
to expose and control their LifeVibes SoundExperience enriched audio effects.
LifeVibes SoundExperience is the plug-and-play upgrade of the standard
Android audio effects. Designed for device makers, it provides optimal
performance, high quality and a richer set of enhancements. Device makers can
also adapt the LifeVibes MusicFX control panel to create their own branded

For application developers, the MusicFX control panel offers an easy way
to access the audio effects in Android version 2.3 without having to create
their own control panel. They can use the Android standardized "intents"
mechanism to enable and control audio effects from any media application. The
panel already supports the richer set of effects offered by the device

Contributor to Android audio effects

"NXP Software has proven experience in enabling high-quality audio
experiences on mobile devices. Today, we are showing the world how to turn on
the audio effects for Android 2.3 devices," says Peter Van de Berg, Marketing
Director, NXP Software. "Our LifeVibes MusicFX control panel in Android
Market(TM) reflects our commitment to engage the entire Android ecosystem -
from consumers to application developers and device makers."

Pricing and availability

LifeVibes MusicFX is available as a free download from Android Market(TM)
for all Android version 2.3 and newer devices.

Please visit for app details and download link
to the Android Market(TM).

Android, Google(TM) and Android Market(TM) are trademarks of Google, Inc.

About NXP Software

NXP Software is a world-wide leading software vendor for mobile
multimedia. It specializes in innovative multimedia solutions and
applications to help mobile device manufacturers and service providers
deliver unique multimedia experiences.

End-user insights drive their designs, resulting differentiating end-user
experiences while their unmatched audio and video expertise ensures better
performance and truly customizable solutions.

NXP Software has established strong partnerships with key vendors to
ensure optimum flexibility, ease-of-integration and interoperability between
hardware and software platforms. Its LifeVibes software is used in over 850
million mobile devices, making the company the market leader in software
solutions and applications for mobile multimedia. LifeVibes is a trademark of
NXP Software.


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