Love for Israel Relief Fund Announces Plan to Help Rescue Israel's Collapsed Welfare System

By Love For Israel Relief Fund, PRNE
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

JERUSALEM, June 9, 2011 -

The Love for Israel Relief Fund published a proposal on its web site calling for outsourced welfare
services. According to the proposal, outsourcing services saved the welfare
system in Illinois and will also rescue Israel's failed welfare system.

The state-run infrastructure has reached a boiling point after
government-employed social workers went on strike in March and returned to
work only to be dragged before the UN Human Rights Counsel on human rights
violations which have been mounting against them for years. The Love for
Israel Relief Fund decided to take immediate action after the Jerusalem Post
reported on 2 June 2011 that a group of Israeli fathers appealed to the UN
with allegations including, "institutionalized torture and denial of civil
rights" against Israel's Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Welfare.

"This situation is unacceptable," stated R. David Weisskopf, Love for
Israel Relief Fund's chairman. "On the one hand, Israel placed 500% more
families under closely supervised visitation than Illinois in 2004 when I
served as a consultant with the DCFS director. Since then, Israel's
supervised visitation has increased by 73% - with a devastating impact on
ethnic minorities, immigrants and suicide rates. It is five times more deadly
for a father to get divorced in Israel than to drink and drive in Illinois.
On the other hand, I hope both sides will return to the table and allow us to
arbitrate a peaceful solution without involving the UN."

In an effort to restore family values, the proposal suggests seriously
engaging divorced families and beginning to fill the gaps of service to this
fragile and oftentimes explosive population. Children grow up in limbo as
divorcing families have to wait six months to a year - or more - for a
professional report in order to finalize visitation and custodial

"The only way out of this mess is outsourcing services," said Weisskopf.
"We are setting an example by sponsoring a privately-run family support
center in Jerusalem." The Ministry of Social Affairs & Social Services can
more efficiently hold private contractors like this center to higher
standards of excellence than government-employed bureaucrats. The proposal
states that the first center opening in Jerusalem will begin offering
therapeutic support groups in English and Hebrew to parents in divorce
situations. "For now all our funding comes from private donations," he said,
"but we need to start these groups right away and worry about funds later."

    R. David Weisskopf
    Love for Israel Relief Fund's chairman

    P.O. Box 33050, Jerusalem, Israel 91036; +972-52-230-4756,


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