NanoMaterials Marks Leap Into Indian Lubricants Market With Second Largest Petroleum Company in India, HPCL

By Nanomaterials Ltd, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

NES ZIONA, Israel, January 11, 2011 - NanoMaterials, Ltd., a producer of industrial nano-scale
additives for lubricants and enhanced composites, announced today that
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), India, has launched two new
advanced lubricant products, the Rhino and HP Numaro Uno, both of which are
powered by NanoLub(R), a unique performance-enhancing nanotechnology product.
NanoLub, which contains billions of spherical nano-particles, is
NanoMaterials' proprietary nanotechnology-based line of lubricant-enhancing
additive products that significantly reduce friction and wear. These
particles, based on safe tungsten disulfide, provide super-lubricating
properties to oils and greases and are sold as concentrates or pastes either
to lube manufacturers as an additive or as after-market products.

The launch of the Rhino, a fully formulated gear oil with dual
anti-friction and anti-wear capabilities, and HP Numaro Uno, a new engine oil
targeted for the aftermarket, set HPCL as the first company to introduce nano
lubricants into the market in India. "The adoption of NanoMaterials'
nano-based additives to our new products Rhino and HP Numaro Uno signifies an
exciting step towards occupying the top end of the Indian lube market," said
Mr. R. Sudhakara Rao, Executive Director - Direct Sales, HPCL. Niles
Fleischer, CEO, NanoMaterials adds: "This recent collaboration with HPCL
marks a significant penetration of NanoMaterials into the Indian Market,
representing one of the largest lubricant markets in the world; we are proud
to have them as a valued customer."

NanoMaterials is represented in India by Garuda Technical
Services, New Delhi.

About HPCL

HPCL ( is the first company to
introduce nano-lubricants into the Indian market. HPCL is the second largest
petroleum company in India with about 25% market share, 8,500 retail outlets,
and sales of about $25 billion. HPCL is a Fortune 500 Company. It sells over
400 grades of lubricants.

About NanoMaterials

NanoMaterials Ltd. ( is a private nanotechnology
company founded in 2002 in Israel. The company was granted an exclusive
license by YEDA Research and Development Co. Ltd., the commercial arm of the
Weizmann Institute, to manufacture, commercialize and sell a new class of
nano particles based on inorganic compounds.

NanoLub(R), a green, environmentally friendly material, is a registered
trademark of NanoMaterials, Ltd. NanoLub is European REACH compliant and has
been pre-registered.

Media Contact:

Noam Feuerstein Email: Tel: +972-8-930-2671

Media Contact: Noam Feuerstein Email: NanoLub at Tel: +972-8-930-2671

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