New Ballast Nedam Organization Structure

By Ballast Nedam Nv, PRNE
Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ballast Nedam is Bringing its Organization Further Into Line With the Strategy of Strengthening its Position on the Growing Integrated Contracts Market

NIEUWEGEIN, The Netherlands, February 4, 2011 - Ballast Nedam is departing from the current structure with separate
Building & Development and Infrastructure divisions. Instead, there will be
six clusters based on products and processes. A director for each individual
cluster will be appointed from among internal staff. The allocation of duties
to members of the Board of Management will be modified accordingly, with the
proposed reappointment of one of the members as Chief Operating Officer and
the proposed appointment of a Chief Financial Officer. The six cluster
directors together with the Board of Management constitute the Concern
Council. Ballast Nedam will combine the support departments of the two former
divisions and the holding company. Starting with the 2011 half-yearly
figures, reporting will be based on four segments as opposed to the current
two divisions. The segments are Building & Development, Infrastructure,
Specialized Companies, and Supplies.

These changes embody Ballast Nedam's aim to:

    - provide better solutions to customers by orienting the organization
      towards products and processes, and by optimizing the support

    - create the link between clusters that integrated projects need by
      appointing a COO for the entire organization and combining the support
      departments, with Ballast Nedam operating more as a single company
      than as two divisions;

    - improve operational performance, in particular of the regional
      companies and the prefabricated concrete companies, through closer
      cooperation within the clusters and more direct operational control
      from the clusters;

    - enhance quality and lower the costs of the support departments through

    - support governance by adjusting the allocation of duties within the
      Board of Management;

    - increase transparency by basing reporting on four segments instead of
      two divisions.

Ballast Nedam's CEO Theo Bruijninckx explains: "Our choice is a logical
response to the growth in integrated projects, in which a client gives a
single party responsibility for design, finance, construction, and long-term
management and maintenance. We are also improving operational control by
being closer to the operation. Furthermore, we are strengthening corporate
governance through greater transparency and by adapting the allocation of
duties within the Board of Management. It is a major stride on the path to a
single Ballast Nedam: one company with integrated operations and combined
support departments."


Ballast Nedam will manage its operations from six clusters:

    - Ballast Nedam Building & Development Special Projects specializes in
      implementing relatively large and complex building projects, and
      projects with an unusual risk profile;

    - Ballast Nedam Building & Development develops, implements and manages
      real estate projects in the Netherlands;

    - Ballast Nedam Infrastructure Special Projects focuses on implementing
      relatively large infrastructure projects in the Netherlands, all
      Ballast Nedam's international projects, and the offshore wind turbine

    - Ballast Nedam Infrastructure develops, constructs and manages
      infrastructure projects in the Netherlands;

    - Ballast Nedam Specialized Companies makes products and provides
      services for specific projects, which include engineering, construction
      pits, environmental technology and asphalt;

    - Ballast Nedam Supplies delivers raw materials and prefabricated
      concrete, and other products that are manufactured in an industrial

Ballast Nedam Board of Management

The new allocation of duties within the Board of Management involves the
following changes.

    - The proposed reappointment of Mr R. (Romeo) Malizia (54) in the new
      role of COO for the entire company. Mr Malizia has worked for the
      company since 1978, and was appointed to the Board of Management in
      2007. He combines these duties with his position as Managing Director
      of Ballast Nedam Infrastructure.

    - The proposed appointment of Mr P. (Peter) van Zwieten as CFO. Mr Van
      Zwieten (49) is currently Finance Director of the Infrastructure
      division. Since 1989 he has worked for several Ballast Nedam units in
      the Netherlands and abroad.

    - The Chairman of the Board of Management is Mr T. (Theo) Bruijninckx
      (49). He has worked for Ballast Nedam since 1989, and was appointed to
      the Board of Management in 2003. Since August 2007 he has performed the
      joint functions of CEO and CFO.

The Central Works Council has given a positive opinion on the proposed
appointments and reappointments, which will be presented to the General
Meeting of Shareholders.

Appointment of cluster directors

Each of the six clusters will be led by a cluster director, who has been
drawn from Ballast Nedam's internal management potential.

Mr A. (Arthur) de Backker (47) will be Director of Ballast Nedam Building
& Development Special Projects. Mr De Backker has held management positions
since 2005 in Ballast Nedam Bouw Speciale Projecten, most recently as
Managing Director.

The head of Ballast Nedam Building & Development will be Mr J. (Jack)
(51). Mr Corten has been Managing Director of Laudy Bouw en
Ontwikkeling, a Ballast Nedam Bouw & Ontwikkeling subsidiary, since 1999.

Ballast Nedam Infrastructure Special Projects will be led by Mr H.
(Harbert) van der Wildt
(36). Mr Van der Wildt has been Managing Director of
Ballast Nedam Concessies since 2006.

Mr H. (Harmans) Kuipers (53) will lead Ballast Nedam Infrastructure. Mr
Kuipers has been Managing Director of the region Ballast Nedam Infra Zuid
West since 2000.

Mr J. (Jorrit) Smeets (35) will be responsible for Ballast Nedam
Specialized Companies. Mr Smeets was Managing Director of Ballast Nedam
Funderingstechnieken until 2009, when he became works manager at Ballast
Nedam Infra Projecten.

Mr H. (Hans) van der Meer (51) will be the new head of Ballast Nedam
Supplies. Mr Van der Meer has been Managing Director of Ballast Nedam
Grondstoffen since 2004.

Ballast Nedam has a leading position in construction and infrastructure.
The company operates mainly in the Netherlands on integrated and other
projects for companies, public authorities and housing consumers, in the
fields of mobility, housing, employment, leisure and energy. Ballast Nedam
operates internationally in various areas of expertise. Ballast Nedam
supplies project, process and contract management in the development,
implementation and management phases. The company also provides specialized
know-how and skills, and semi-finished and finished products. Ballast Nedam
is listed on NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam. The share is included in the
Amsterdam Small Cap Index.

Further details can be obtained from Ballast Nedam N.V., Adrie van Kessel, telephone +31-(30)-285-41-61/ +31-6-22-45-71-85

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