New Foundation Inspired by Personal Experience

By Gds International, PRNE
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LONDON and NEW YORK and SYDNEY, March 23, 2011 - The GDS Foundation, a charitable fund for the autistic sector that was
officially launched in the UK today, was inspired by very personal
circumstances - Spencer Green, founder and Chairman of GDS International, a
global events company, has a eight-year-old son who suffers from Asperger's,
an autism spectrum disorder.

The GDS Foundation aims to raise GBP100,000 for charities working with
autistic spectrum children and adults around the world by 30 June 2011 via a
series of fundraising initiatives in GDS International's offices in Bristol
and Cardiff (UK), New York, and Sydney.

Launching the GDS Foundation, Spencer Green said his son Finley inspired
the company's 500 staff to develop "innovative and fun ways to raise money
for this serious, lifelong and disabling condition."

"Autism is currently the fastest growing developmental disability
globally, with a 10-17 percent annual growth. I've seen first-hand how
important it is to provide assistance to those affected, particularly in the
areas of routines, communication and learning. Without help, autism can have
a profound - and sometimes devastating - effect on individuals."

Spencer Green, who helms GDS International, a leading
business-to-business events company, said one of the key fund-raising events
is a Cardiff staff member who plans to swim the English Channel - only three
months after learning how to swim!

"In Sydney, staff will be hiking 100 kilometres, in New York they will be
running 3.5 miles through fire and swamp, and Bristol staff plan to complete
the gruelling Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the UK's three highest
mountains in 24 hours."

Spencer Green, who founded GDS International in October 1993, is also not
immune: he plans to run the London Marathon in 3.45 hours.

Other activities include cake stalls, flash mobs, fancy dress days, a
lottery and a fun dating game.

"I'm really proud of the way in which staff have united to raise
GBP100,000 in three months. Whilst we are building a company with 40 percent
growth, we are also keen on developing ourselves as people. And the best way
is to unite our strengths for good."

The GBP100,000 raised will be split between the UK's National Autistic
Society, Autism Speaks (in the US) and Autism Spectrum in Australia.

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